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deprived of sexual capacity or sexual attributes



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Further investigation in the case is continuing under section 173(8) of Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC ) with respect to remaining devotees who were allegedly castrated.
These results show that castration affected the chemical composition of the meat, inducing a decrease in water and an increase in fat contents in castrated animals.
Considering these facts, the present study was designed to evaluate the effect of castration at different age periods on penile and urethral development in BBGs and way out to reduce calculi formation in castrated kids.
BEIRUT: A man accused of terrorism offenses, which led to him being castrated, denied all the charges levied against him by a Military Court Friday.
Survivors report that boys have been castrated and left to bleed to death .
Traditionally, bulls are castrated 6 months before puberty for ease in handling and avoiding the risk of animal stress, but there is also practice to castrate animals after puberty (1214 month of age) to get maximum benefits from animals in term of growth (Ford and Gregory, 1983; Gregory et al.
Sources in the probe agency also said indentifying the 400 castrated dera followers would not be an easy job as the castrations were done 14 years ago.
Having him castrated may not have been helpful because the reduction in his level of the hormone testosterone may have affected his level of courage.
castrated What really concerns me is what the future holds for people like Watkins.
SYDNEY -- An infamous Papua New Guinea cult leader known as "Black Jesus" was castrated by an angry mob after being hacked to death for killing young girls as sacrifices, reports said on Monday.
A PESKY pooch who escaped from his owner bringing a town to a standstill - was on his way to the vets to be castrated.
7] The question is whether the surgically castrated group has lower T compared to the group on LHRH agonists.