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Olive leaves and castor beans apart, it boasts a range of 373 miles, CO2 emissions of a scant 49g/km and an average of 135mpg.
The availability of a combine for castor bean harvesting is a key factor for the large-scale adoption of castor beans as a sustainable and economically viable crop.
BioSolar's intensive, 18-month research and development program aimed at identifying sustainable resources for photovoltaic backsheet development resulted in the company's BioBacksheet, a cellulosic plastic equivalent derived from cotton and castor beans materials.
Carpet cleaners with a little knowledge about solvents who were members of the Minnesota Patriots Council were able to extract ricin from castor beans and conspired to use the poison to assassinate local and federal law enforcement officials.
Particularly popular in pots are broad-leafed cannas, towering banana and hemp plants, castor beans, huge elephant ear-shaped colocasias and alocasias, calla lilies, caladiums, tuberous begonias, dahlias, curcuma (gingers), gloriosa lilies and eucomis (pineapple plants), says Ferguson.
Zinc ricinoleate binds up odor molecules - sourced from castor beans, zinc ricinoleate traps and absorbs bad smells - Natural fragrance blocks odor - encapsulating natural fragrance oils with silica shells makes them last longer
One very dangerous toxin on the list is ricin, a protein derived from castor beans that is lethal in doses as small as 500 micrograms, about the size of a grain of salt.
Ricin, made from castor beans, can be fatal to humans, and in its aerosol form can claim many lives.
BioSolar's line of proprietary BioBacksheet[TM] protective coverings are designed to replace expensive and hazardous petroleum-based film with a bio-based one derived from cotton and castor beans, creating a more environmentally-friendly and cost-effective solar panel component.
The New York Times quoted intelligence officials, as saying that they have collected evidence that Qaeda operatives are trying to move castor beans and processing agents to a hideaway in Shabwa Province, in one of Yemen's rugged tribal areas controlled by insurgents.
All sunglass frames by Zeal feature Z Resin(TM), the company's proprietary, bio-based material made from the oil of castor beans.
Levy offers insight on the challenges and opportunities presented in the use of evolving biopolymers such as PLA (polylactic acid) resin, cellulosic materials produced from cotton and Nylon 11, which is made from castor beans.
Oil extracted from castor beans mixed with beeswax is an ideal base for lipstick.
New York, May 30 ( ANI ): The Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg has reportedly received threatening letters laced with ricin, a poisonous substance made from castor beans, where the writer expressed his angst at the mayor's stance on gun control.