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In the Tocher's optimization method, the 203 lines and five parental strains of castor beans were divided into 21 groups (Table 1), which indicated that there is variability in the germplasm bank.
With that being stated, this work had the objective to determine sorption isotherms of castor beans.
2012) studying the allelopathic effect of radish leaves on the bean crop observed that the extracts of leaves did not inhibit castor bean germination.
Regression analysis of the total gas production showed that the byproducts that had higher and lower gas production (sunflower and pinhao manso, respectively) were represented by a linear model, as were other byproducts (from castor beans and moringa), except for the byproduct of cotton.
Olive leaves and castor beans apart, it boasts a range of 373 miles, CO2 emissions of a scant 49g/km and an average of 135mpg.
In fact, in Mexico, castor beans are used to make jewellery for tourists.
White powder ricin is a highly potent toxin that comes from castor beans and tiny amounts can kill.
Gainer first said in a statement that the substance had tested positive for ricin, which is found naturally in castor beans and can cause death from exposure to as little as a pinhead amount, usually within the first 72 hours.
Ricin is made from castor beans and can kill within 36 hours.
tested positive for ricin, a deadly toxin derived from castor beans.
26 September 2012 - Ohio-based EarthBlock Technologies Inc (PINK:EBLC), which engages in the application of building products and technologies for earthen construction, said it had completed an all-stock deal to buy Earth Gen-Biofuel Inc, a Los Angeles-based supplier of castor beans to be grown and processed into vegetable oil for use as biofuel.
Deadly hemlock smells of mice and did for the philosopher Socrates, while castor beans are the source of ricin - the poison on a spiked umbrella tip that killed dissident Bulgarian writer Georgi Markov in London in 1978.
The castor beans and pepper plant trundle their weary heads.
Citing unnamed intelligence officials and classified intelligence reports, the newspaper said al Qaeda's affiliate in Yemen has been trying to acquire large quantities of castor beans, used to produce ricin.
It seems that when authorities searched Crooker's home during the 2004 silencer investigation they found some castor beans and rosary peas, common legumes from which the poisons ricin and abrin can be derived.