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thrown away

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Therefore, SILK is honoring Lynn Donovan and her family as our initial Heroes of the Month and has established a campaign to raise $5,000 for Castoff Pet Rescue, the shelter they work with, to help defray their ongoing veterinarian fees.
Incorporating Frame+SGML and a castoff component to the SGML Database Editorial System makes the Auto-Graphics solution the only completely integrated SGML database publishing system on the market," according to Auto-Graphics Chief Operating Officer William J.
But hurry, as this is the busiest time of the year in the celebrity castoff business.
Meanwhile, the Lakers won, sans Shaq, with another solid outing from Spurs castoff Samaki Walker (six points, seven rebounds, two blocks).
Hilda already had been in three homes and, according to Jennifer Allen, the coach's daughter, ``was an old veteran, a castoff.
Former Kings castoff Duchesne scored on a five-on-three advantage when he took the puck straight off the face-off and beat a surprised Potvin low and to his right.
Former Kings castoff Steve Duchesne scored on a 5-on-3 advantage when he took the puck straight off the face-off and beat a surprised Potvin low and to his right.
As the line runs, workers hurl castoffs such as the beleaguered Santa onto a trash pile.
The great recycling bin in which art history, critical theory, and market analysis dispose of their castoffs is crawling with post-ironic ironists scavenging for material not yet reworked.
I didn't know at the time that my used textbooks were castoffs and that our science and athletic equipment represented the hand-me-downs from white schools in the district.
In 1997, the concept struck Jason Walsh like a snowball: chairs, tables, clocks, and speaker stands made out of snowboard castoffs.
The XFL will get what it pays for: teams made up of NFL castoffs and college has-beens.
The store specializes in celebrity castoffs that have been used on shows such as Moesha, Port Charles and Beverly Hills 90210.
Clumping offstage as the bald, gnarly-toothed, wooden-legged man-servant Nicodemus Underwood and then gliding back on in Scarlett O'Hara castoffs as Lady Enid Hillcrest, Quinton clearly relishes the opportunity to show off the results of a lifetime of making faces in the mirror.
While some of the castoffs will be passed on to other family members or used for games and educational software, most are expected to be mothballed-relegated to closets, the basement, or a corner of the guest room.