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the deciding vote cast by the presiding officer to resolve a tie

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The women are also casting votes at Doctorabad where polling staff was available for their facilitation.
Talking to reporter here Friday PPP leader Amjid Hussain said restricting women voters of Gilgit-Baltistan from casting votes is lethal for democracy.
Incas is regularly sending advisories and other communications to its members and well-wishers highlighting the necessity of casting vote if they happened to be in their home constituency at the time of voting.
Unionised workers at South Korea-based Hyundai Motor Company (Hyundai) (KSE: 005380) have started casting votes on a second tentative pay agreement after months-long wage disputes.
Unaffiliated voters, however, may vote in primary elections as before, casting votes in nonpartisan races and on ballot measures.
In years past, there was talk that sports information directors were casting votes for coaches.
Campbell's Chunky" soup also sponsored an on-line competition, "Click for Cans," which enabled NFL fans nationwide to join in the hunger relief effort and help make a difference in their local community by casting votes for their favorite team on www.
Reports reaching here also suggested that women in the Noshki area were barred from casting votes by the local tribesman.
He held that media had played a positive role in holding elections as it highlighted the significance of casting votes to create awareness among the people, Therefore, people are coming out of their homes in large number to cast votes, he added.
About 86 percent of those casting votes authorized the bargaining committee this week to initiate a strike by Oct.
Familiar names, such as Harris and Harris Group (H&H) and Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ), continue to dominate, while new entrants such as Bain Capital joined a number of Fortune 500 corporations in casting votes of confidence for companies employing nanotechnology.