casting vote

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the deciding vote cast by the presiding officer to resolve a tie

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As a result of ASIC s actions, the Federal Court of Australia ruled it was inappropriate to use his casting vote, saying the liquidator should have applied for court approval of his fees.
If he had used his original vote to defend Marske against over-development, he would not have been put in a position of having to use his casting vote, as the vote would not have been tied.
Three members of the appeal board decided I wasn't guilty, and two thought I was, so it was all down to the chairman, who had the casting vote.
What really sticks in the throat is the fact such a far reaching decision was taken by one man with his casting vote.
While most of my colleagues have planned their annual holidays either in July-August or in December, I don't see any of them advancing their annual vacation just for casting votes," said a community member.
caused many to stand in line for hours to finally go home without casting vote
Fennell's latest bid to have the switch from his home club O'Toole's to their near neighbours was dramatically turned down on Monday night after county board chairman Gerry Harrington used his casting vote against the player after the votes at been tied at 33 each way.
The casting vote of the judges' chairman Len Goodman saved Crimewatch presenter Rav Wilding and sent Hingis packing, after the two stars came bottom in the viewers' poll.
A vote was tied at 64-64 and Presiding Officer Alex Fergusson then used his casting vote against it in line with protocol that in the event of a tie, he votes for the status quo, which in this case is the current budget as approved by Parliament last year.
West Midlands companies relying on the chairman's casting vote when making decisions may need to rethink their procedures following changes introduced by the new Companies Act.
This follows a 9-9 vote at a meeting last year when Marcus Chisholm, acting chairman on the night, used his casting vote to defeat the motion.
The meeting on Thursday descended into confusion after four councillors voted for the scheme and four voted against, leaving committee chairman Cllr Chris Cliffe with the casting vote.
James Collins, Chris Barker, pictured right, and Danny Gabbidon were all backed by Bluebirds fans - and for the first time ever the winner will be decided by a casting vote.
If J-COM launches an initial public offering of its shares in Japan, the management committee member appointed by LMI will have a casting or deciding vote with respect to most management committee decisions, which casting vote will remain in effect for the term of Super Media.
This article looks at the legal basis and conventions that have developed surrounding the use of the casting vote.