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a social structure in which classes are determined by heredity

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In the opening lines the author wrote that he would make clear that this caste system damaged Bali.
The centuries-old rigid and hierarchical caste system has inflicted a divisive and destructive impact on the Indian society.
Homo Hierarchicus: The Caste System and Its Implications (revised English edition).
He argues that the caste system provides a strong case of status power sustained independently of other forms of power.
An important aspect of the findings of the study is the explanation by the author that within the framework of social structure built on caste system which perpetuates relative socioeconomic positions of individuals and groups from one generation to next, parents' fertility behaviour in response to economic change is influenced by the concern of not only their own interest but also of their children's interest.
You seem to say that it is the nature of occupation that makes the real distinction between people; caste system is conceptually concocted entity; caste stigma is actually in the occupation and the way a particular work is performed; isn't it?
Yet the caste system has not been mentioned enough in the debate.
Those who keep the caste system alive in their behavior forget that Garbas have played a key role in the creation of new Ladakh.
Islam teaches equality of all believers, but the caste system is alive and kicking in Pakistan.
The well-developed, skin color-based caste system is particularly notable and brought to life vividly when the characters confront its consequences and constraints, including the overall violent mistreatment of GENS.
Catholique de Louvain, Belgium) present eight papers exploring the history of untouchability in the Indian caste system from pre-colonial history through to the constitutional abolition of untouchability and the growing assertion of rights by the groups now known as "scheduled castes" or "Dalits.
SIR - With regard to Mr Christley's letter (May 6) on a supposed Welsh caste system, many people in England have been extremely vociferous regarding the effect of non-English speaking immigrants on communities and schools.
As a Christian from North America, I had rarely given much thought to the challenges confronting dalit people, nor to the ethics and theology underlying the caste system.
He said it has fantastical secret beliefs - which can be read on the internet - a caste system, brainwashing techniques, and relies on interrogation and forced manual labour to help enforce discipline.
Reena, from Coventry, who formed the theatre group Caste Away Arts after completing an MA about the UK's caste system, said: "The play tackles issues which are often regarded as a taboo subject within British Asian society.