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social status or position conferred by a system based on class

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(Hinduism) a hereditary social class among Hindus

a social class separated from others by distinctions of hereditary rank or profession or wealth

in some social insects (such as ants) a physically distinct individual or group of individuals specialized to perform certain functions in the colony

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Lower caste students face social discrimination in all school activities, including partaking the midday meal.
Summary: Vrindavan (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Feb 18 (ANI): Yoga guru Baba Ramdev, along with Acharya Mahamandaleshwar of the Juna Akhara, Swami Avdheshanand Giri, on Saturday advocated the equality of all castes.
The growing incidents of discriminatory practices against Dalits, other members of lower castes in India , and minorities reflect the oppressive character of the caste system embedded in the Hindu religion and culture.
Manjula Pradeep said that caste system was a sensitive South Asian problem.
The shutdown was called against alleged government failure that led to caste clashes near Pune ahead of the celebration of the 200 years of the Bhima-Koregaon battle.
By this token, no matter how high the income is of a backward caste person, he or she will always be poor in the government's eyes - though not to his or her neighbours - and in need of clutches for securing jobs and education.
Under the Scheme, Companies, Partnerships, Societies & Proprietorship firms belonging to Scheduled Castes are eligible for loans.
The train service was suspected last Monday due to ongoing caste protests in India's Haryana state.
Vemula was a Dalit - a member of what was once known as the "untouchables," at the bottom of the Hindu caste system.
Caste violence in India is one of the most long-standing instances of the routinization of violence, predating European colonialism although not unshaped by it, and now firmly enmeshed within the new global order.
Caste and Buddhist Philosophy: Continuity of Some Buddhist Arguments against the Realist Interpretation of Social Denominations.
While the issue of quotas for poor among the upper caste has been talked in about in the party circles for long, a fresh debate has been triggered after former Union minister Jitin Prasada raised it at a strategy meeting of the Uttar Pradesh Congress.
He, in turn, spent his summers and weekends in RSS camps and training sessions, learning the tenets of the Hindu Right, which include Hindu supremacy and advocacy of a strong caste system.
Though the collection supplies American readers with lots of information that might be new to them about Nepali culture (so much so that the American edition contains a glossary), the stories' frequent treatment of class differences, most particularly those involving the caste system, make its themes familiar to anyone versed in Indian culture and religion.
THE IMPACT of the caste system in both India and the UK is the subject of a day long public event at Warwick University tomorrow.