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a percussion instrument consisting of a pair of hollow pieces of wood or bone (usually held between the thumb and fingers) that are made to click together (as by Spanish dancers) in rhythm with the dance

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Additionally, Tambourines, Bone Castanets, and Banjos Meet Jump Jim Crow: A History of Blackfaced Minstrelsy in America From 1828 to 1898.
Classes follow set exercises in castanets (perhaps the syllabus' strongest feature), arms, footwork, turns, variations on pas de basques, palmas (clapped rhythms), and choreography combinations.
Spectators also watched children perform folklorico dances and Mirtha Muoz of San Gabriel, playing the part of a widow on the expedition, dance with castanets.
For instance, Freeman, who considered herself ``a nice Jewish girl from Burbank,'' dyed her hair black, adopted the stage name Antonia Flores and played castanets to tour with Jose Greco right after high school.
For example, in Miguel Angel's version of The Miller's Dance, touches of balletic brilliance sifted through the emphatic farruca steps, and in their Zambra, de Luis and Raul Salcedo, recalling Lopez and Vargas, used their harmonizing castanets to suggest a subtle intimacy.
The castanets and maracas appear as if they want to spring into action at the first strum of the guitar.
The text, dramatic but all too real in inner-city life, almost overshadows the dance, the strongest section of which is done within a circle of chairs: a man (Pedro Ruiz) stands on a chair and plays the castanets while a woman dances.
Maple Leaf Rag found a pair (Jerane Mickel and Matteo) communicating via their castanets.
In the second scene List, Fittante and Alan Tjaarda Jones skillfully accompanied themselves with castanets.
VALENCIA -- Listen to the rhythmic clatter of castanets during a dramatic flamenco performance, enjoy a plate of paella and maybe sip a glass of sangria -- and earn college credit.
She'll be playing songs from her brilliant new album, Guitars And Castanets, including her latest single, Texas Burning.
From tambourines to trumpets, walnut castanets to homemade drums, there's a wealth of music in the most ordinary 'instrument', and a quirky gathering of sounds from 'found objects' are the focus of Making Music.
The Laurencia Pas d'Action (staged by Anna-Marie Holmes, who added several female dancers and choreographic enhancements) is a showcase of flamboyant technique and Spanish-inflected fireworks, with the click of castanets driving the rapid-fire turns, exaggeratedly arched backs, and sinuous arm movements.
The vibrations synchronize with the motions of the male's raised legs, almost as if he's snapping castanets over his head.