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a percussion instrument consisting of a pair of hollow pieces of wood or bone (usually held between the thumb and fingers) that are made to click together (as by Spanish dancers) in rhythm with the dance

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But unlike the Chauvet paintings and engravings, which are deep underground and away from living areas, the engravings and paintings at Castanet are directly associated with everyday life, given their proximity to tools, fireplaces, bone and antler tool production, and ornament workshops," he described.
When the glue is dry, play your castanet by holding it between your thumb and fingers and clicking together.
However, Bradburne rousted Castanet in fine style to get on top with 100 yards to run and she edged away to score by a length and a quarter.
Marimba, Castanet and UpdateNow are registered trademarks, and Timbale is a trademark, of Marimba, Inc.
Of equal importance is the ability of Castanet to ensure the integrity of EA's software.
InterTrust's DRM technology is helping to transform the digital commerce landscape and, combined with Castanet, we believe InterTrust can demonstrate a more efficient distribution platform for new services to a variety of digital commerce providers,'' said Steve McDermott, vice president of business development at Marimba, Inc.
Ross realizes that there are other companies doing bulk document delivery, such as Documentum Inc, but she believes that Marimba's Castanet infrastructure set this offering apart from others and actually provides an opportunity for it to collaborate with those companies.
Where else, for example, can one study not merely flamenco dance technique and repertoire, but also Spanish classical dance, three levels of flamenco guitar technique, flamenco cante (singing), castanet technique, and the use of the cajon (a popular percussion instrument)?
Music industry bosses have castanet wider than British shores to come up with quirky tunes to boost summer sales.
Note to Editors: Marimba and Castanet are registered trademarks, and Timbale is a trademark, of Marimba, Inc.
Castanet Enables ebaseOne to Effectively Distribute Client Software,
Marimba Inc itself as an application distribution and management concern, says its flagship Castanet product is quickly becoming the platform of choice for Fortune 1000 companies.
Marimba reaffirmed its commitment to its change management product families by modularizing and announcing enhancements to its existing Castanet and Timbale lines, giving customers greater flexibility when choosing a management solution for server environments, desktops, laptops, mobile systems, PDAs, and Internet-enabled devices.
Marimba Inc's best hopes for its push technology are to get it embedded into other products, and Intuit has now followed through with its promise to use its Castanet application distribution and management technology in Quicken 99 (CI No 3,418).