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thrown away

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Fold it so the cast-on and cast-off edges are on top of each other.
They've been living in perpetual dank darkness alongside the cast-off furniture and that chiminea we bought on the one sunny weekend that year.
You may think it's unhygienic, but don't worry it is just the first rinse-cycle, that uses your cast-off water to wash your cast-offs.
MY WEEK Punting high 1 Getting a price about Darksideofthemoon was satisfying, and he looked a different horse on his first run for new trainer Tim Vaughan, who once again worked the oracle with a cast-off Punting high 2 You know that feeling when you are convinced a horse is going to win?
Running u ntil the end of September, the offer means your cast-off could protect children from harsh weather conditions over a critical period, could home families in south Sudan returning to their homes after being displaced by conflict, as well as housing worldwide victims of natural disasters like earthquakes.
We've seen plastics, tires, cardboard and license plates all find new life as recycled goods, but Artful Wares has harvested a different cast-off for its flatware--mussel, lobster and clam shells from the Maine shoreline.
RANGERS cast-off Libor Sionko insists he had to escape Ibrox to save his Euro 2008 dream.
BERWICK Rangers manager Michael Renwick believes Gretna cast-off Fraser McLaren is the type of player he wants next term after his side was relegated after a season in the second division.
GLASGOW'S Commonwealth Games could feature cast-off seating from the London Olympics two years earlier.
CAST-OFF clothes from Tyneside are the most sought after threads in Eastern Europe.
He treated patients at his home in Kuala Lumpur, using a cast-off army dentist's chair dating from the 1940s.
ALBION cast-off Chris Perry is set to link up with former Wolves boss Dave Jones at Cardiff City.
The squashed Father Christmas, crammed into someone's curbside recycling bin, has traded a spot up on the rooftop for a mess of cast-off Coke cans, magazines and detergent bottles.
Evidently an actual video letter recorded by the artist in 1989, and now resurrected as a work that uncannily echoes the fates of the cast-off garments in her sculptures, it is no longer what it first set out to be.
Providing an intriguing look at Civil War history, this project guide teases the mind and invites the creative hand to draw, cut, glue, and arrange cast-off items into models of period memorabilia.