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To survive, the entire cast of characters must find a way to escape the valley.
95) is decorated by Jonathan Langley and makes an exciting story for readers used to fun: what if your birthday cake was created by a delicious cast of characters from favorite nursery rhymes such as Little Bo Peep?
Much as French Rococo painter Hubert Robert carefully positioned the tiny figures in his images of magnificent ruins, Hall meticulously arranges those in his pictures: He makes several exposures from the same vantage point and selects the final cast of characters from those who wandered into view.
Carolyn Hart has written another exciting mystery with a cast of characters that are memorable because they each had a motive to murder Jeremiah.
Nor will anyone who enjoys a good romp with a quirky cast of characters who first make you smile and then laugh.
I, Curmudgeon features a cast of characters who are not obsessed with pop-cultural items like Scrabble, but are rather astonished by the fact that they are the only ones that see that pop culture sucks.
What united Cook's cast of characters was not simply their interest in exploring the line that separated the genuine from the fake, but also their penchant for drawing attention to their deceptions and inviting audiences to speculate about their authenticity, a marketing strategy inspired by an astute understanding of the times.
Along with the artful detail, his cast of characters (teachers, students, models, homemakers) was loaded with nuances bestowed by the illustrator's genius.
Even so, he'll have to audition a new cast of characters to make this one work.
The Gilder Technology Group's Mark Ziebarth praised the conference's "wonderful cast of characters representing the breadth and depth of the newsletter industry.
Many of the proponents of the anti-worker initiatives -- in California and elsewhere -- are the same cast of characters who are leading and funding an anti-public education crusade nationwide," says the report.
These are the chief failures of Hit & Run: How Jon Peters and Peter Guber Took Sony for a Ride in Hollywood, Nancy Griffin and Kim Masters's lively account of the breathtakingly dumb decisions Sony has made in Hollywood and the odious cast of characters behind them.
The cast of characters runs a wide gamut from a bicycle-riding businessman to a shrouded goddess bearing a flowering staff.
The cast of characters encountered by the medical director are shown in the table on page 34.
Our team has combined film-quality animation, leading-edge technology, and an original cast of characters to create the next generation of educational software," said Ed Dua, president and found of Morgan Interactive Inc.