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He was another fans' favourite (he was named City's player of the year four times) who was cast aside because he wasn't a sexy name who flogged shirts.
Relationships are formed in two pages, cast aside in one.
Consider these questions he posed in his September 12, 2002 address to the UN General Assembly regarding Security Council resolutions requiting Iraq to disarm: "Are Security Council resolutions to be honored and enforced, or cast aside without consequence?
Similarly, the Bagnolis, Salvadoris, Longobardis, Germanas, Fortunas, and so on that Bonito Oliva added from time to time to his group of five were gradually cast aside, with the effect that the Transavanguardia coincided exactly with the artists in the photograph (taken in 1980 in Basel) adorning the cover of the Castello catalogue.
It is said by some that our traditional underwriting tools confer too much protective value to be cast aside in favor of "unproven" innovations.
The coroner told the 11 jurors to cast aside "any emotion" over the innocent Brazilian's shooting after hearing more than seven weeks of evidence.
Uniforms too will be cast aside by grateful youngsters as schoolchildren will be taking part for a pounds 1 donation.
OLD TVs cast aside after Christmas could end up in holes in the ground if homeowners do not dispose of them properly.
The Knitters, fresh from their vital 1-0 away success at Alfreton Town at the weekend, go to Bower Fold in a confident frame of mind and determined to cast aside the hoodoo that the Celts recently have over them.
But have green issues been cast aside now the Government has agreed to cheap transatlantic flights for all airlines in and out of Heathrow?
After years of working and giving your best You are now cast aside as a reject Your so-called friends no longer call Now the writing's on the wall As life begins its downward slide All that is left now is your pride Howthe years have passed quickly by C hanges have been made before your very eye
Having been used and cast aside like a worn-out shoe by Tanya, Sean's finding new ways to be naughty.
Mr Justice Gross told the jury they must cast aside any "sympathies" they have for the dead women in considering their verdict.
PC Dave Tudor, who knew Bill through the Paras Association, found the medals in a hedge where they had been cast aside by the burglar.
WELL done to those voters who cast aside parochial prejudices, looked at the bigger picture and elected 'outsider' Jim Cornelius as the first chief executive of the Stable Lads' Association.