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large black flightless bird of Australia and New Guinea having a horny head crest

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SO BRIGHT: Colourful creatures and vehicles at | |the Islands zone include the cassowary, right
I started a group called Mission Beach Cassowaries to involve the whole community in sharing information to identify, track and record cassowary sightings.
All the while, he hasn't seen his study subject--the cassowary--though he has found plenty of cassowary droppings--the pekpek of the title.
The recent study has corrected Professor Cooper's findings in the 1990s that the kiwi's closest relatives were the cassowary and the Australian emu.
The park also gave us the chance to feed stunning cassowary birds.
Targets at Bustard, Ibis and Crane require further geophysical surveying to guide design of a drill program, whilst tenement EPMA19066 containing the Cassowary target is yet to be granted (Figure 2).
According to myth, trade relations were established between the Menumin people and men of the Menmak clan when the cassowary wife of a pre-human Menmak ancestor (the tamanok snake) fled to the lowlands in fear that her husband and her sons would kill and eat her.
It has earned the reputation of being the most dangerous bird in the world, yet unless the cassowary feels threatened it struts quietly around the jungle and occasionally the coastline.
Reports reaching Manila said a cassowary fowl, a non-indigenous flightless bird, escaped from its pen inside the Zamboanga City aviary in Pasonanca district on Tuesday and fled to the adjacent police training school.
Fieldwork has allowed him to collect bones from recently extinct members of the group--the giant moa of New Zealand and the elephant bird of Madagascar--as well as the living members--ostrich, emu, rhea, kiwi, and cassowary.
Zoo administration has also offered other animals for adoption including Bengal Tigar, White Tiger, African Lion, White Rhinoceros, Hippopotamus, Leopard, Chimpanzee, Wolf, Balck Bear Jackal, Nilgai, Wild Boar and all kinds of Monkeys, Red deer, Samber, Wallaby, Fellow deer, Hog deer, Spotted deer, Moufflon sheep, Chinkara, Peafowl, Finches, Love birds, Rabbit, Guinea Pig, All water Birds, Ostrich, Emu, Cassowary, Gavial and otter.
Then, the scientific explanations of 18 seemingly docile animals' defense mechanisms leave the reader wanting to know more about these unique creatures, such as the cassowary, electric caterpillar, cane toad, and puffer fish.
This excludes the majestic cassowary, which suffered a significant decline due to direct deaths and displacement (see box).
The cassowary is the third largest flightless bird in the ratite family.