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large black flightless bird of Australia and New Guinea having a horny head crest

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I started a group called Mission Beach Cassowaries to involve the whole community in sharing information to identify, track and record cassowary sightings.
Were it not for the two cassowary chicks purchased from a local hunter and raised in captivity, he might have concluded that cassowaries were extinct.
19) Throughout the study area, bamboo-blade arrows were most commonly reported as being intended for war, or for hunting pigs and cassowaries.
Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) confirmed that 23 cassowaries had been killed since Cyclone Larry, most of them hit by cars.
Dogs are used by hunters to chase wallabies, cassowaries and cuscuses and corner or usher them at the base of, or up a tree until hunters arrive.
Here koalas, kangaroos, crocodiles and cassowaries are treated in a style that truly reflects their tourism clout.
the affluent west), Gimi territory is constructed as a pristine environment inhabited by birds of paradise, cassowaries, harpy eagles and other exotic, endangered or soon-to-be endangered species.
So I was urging it on with the best of them, spraying aerosols hither and thither and looking forward to the day when it would be echidnas and cassowaries rather than ponies and deer that would be wandering the highways and byways of Burley and Lyndhurst.
My birds sound so boring compared to emus, ostriches, kiwis, rheas, and cassowaries, don't you think?
Other researchers have suggested that whales, rhinos, and big birds called cassowaries can create or pick up infrasound.
Cassowaries live solitary lives in the rain forests of Papua New Guinea and Australia, and Mack proposes that their deep sounds reach neighbors and potential mates through thick vegetation.
Here the staple foods are fish and sago; no pigs are kept, though wild ones -- and cassowaries -- may be hunted.
This property had been described as critical habitat for cassowaries previously.
A young man of the Eastern Highlands walks with the arms of the most noble and fierce lords of the jungle in the perforated lobes of his ears, his nostrils, his arms, his penis: tusks of wild boars, the beaks of cassowaries with whom he has contended, the claws and plumes of eagles, and shells he has braved long treks down the slippery paths of the dangerous jungle to obtain from alien people who plunge into the shark-patrolled ocean for them.
In no time we'd spotted deer, boars, and wallabies, and myriad aquatic birds like pelicans, magpie geese, scrub turkey, jabarou storks, ibis, cormorants, dancing brolgas, cassowaries, bush fowls, and white-headed fish eagles.