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a hard heavy dark mineral that is the chief source of tin

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DS: I have no ferberites in my collection, but I do have three Krantzberg cassiterites.
Other aesthetic species have also been recovered, including fluorite, quartz, goethite pseudomorphs after siderite, and other important species such as cassiterite, ferberite, metanovacekite, uranophane and metazeunerite.
From 1999 to 2006, some of the finest Namibian aquamarine, schorl and jeremejevite ever seen were collected in the Erongo Mountains, together with aesthetic fluorite, quartz, goethite pseudomorphs after siderite, and other important species such as cassiterite, ferberite and metazeunerite.
One is a cassiterite collected in 1915 and presented to the museum by Percy C.
There were 67 golds, one from Transylvania at 20 Ecus, 199 silvers (a beautiful Mexican silver was 9 Ecus and one from Freiberg 20 Ecus), 317 iron minerals, suites of 78 cassiterites from Saxony and Bohemia and 35 arsenics, noting that numbers 30 to 35 are very dangerous and must be handled with circumspection.
Liu of AAA Liu's Minerals (Franz[ddot{o}] Allee 24, 72072 T[ddot{u}]bingen, Germany), had still more transparent cassiterites from Yunnan, as well as some major large Lushi mine stibnite groups; sharp black stannite crystals to 1 cm with arsenopyrite; and a lot more Chinese stuff.
I first reported on the lustrous, transparent, whitish brown cassiterite crystals from Ximeng, Yunnan Province in 1998 (from Denver), when I saw them at Ken and Rosemary Roberts' stand.
Mineralization in the sulfide zones probably began with quartz, pyrite and cassiterite, followed by stannite and chalcopyrite, then andorite and tetrahedrite, and lastly galena, pyrargyrite, lead sulfosalts and late-stage gangue minerals.
Lindgren and Creveling (1928) report andorite as occurring in compact masses with pyrite, quartz and cassiterite in the Santa Rita adit, and give an analysis which shows more silver (13.
Ahlfeld and Reyes (1955) reported barite crystals with cassiterite from the Rosario mine near the peak.
Small amounts of bismuthinite occur sporadically in the deepest levels of the Mendieta-Tajo Polo vein system as small lance-like prisms associated with quartz, cassiterite, stannite and pyrite (Ahlfeld and Reyes, 1955).
Borlase complied by sending three shipments of minerals to Leiden, including native copper and a variety of copper minerals, pyrite, cassiterite, lead minerals and some beautiful Cornish quartz crystals.
Uganda's "sudden increase in the import of [the mineral] cassiterite may also mean an increase in the import of coltan.
The Panel therefore recommends, among other things, that the UN Security Council immediately declare a temporary embargo on the import or export of coltan, niobium, pyrochlore, cassiterite, timber, gold and diamonds from or to Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi until those countries involvement in the looting of Congo's resources is made clear and declared so by the Security Council.
The governments of Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda and their allies should pay compensation to the companies [in Congo] whose properties and stocks of coltan, cassiterite, gold, timber and other materials [were] confiscated between 1998 and 2000.