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a card game in which cards face up on the table are taken with eligible cards in the hand

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IT was one of the hardest-fought, bloodiest battles of the Second World War - Matthew Parker recounts the tragic events that surrounded, and took place during, the battle for Monte Cassino.
Yet 50 old soldiers were denied just pounds 12,500 by the Community Fund so they could go to Italy for the 60th anniversary of the battle of Monte Cassino.
We are seeing increased demand for detailed local advertising market share data across all media categories," said Ad Audit Services principal, Kip Cassino.
Ray and Barbara Wragg, from Sheffield, were touched by the plight of the Monte Cassino Veterans' Association, which was unable to secure pounds 12,500 in Lottery funding.
Fire crews from Huyton and Belle Vale raced tothe flats on Cassino Road at just after 4pm yester-day afternoon.
I AM currently researching a book on the Monte Cassino battles of January to May, 1944.
I lost lots of pals at Dunkirk, The Western Desert, Salerno, Monte Cassino and Anzio during my time from 1939 until demob in 1946.
He saw combat in with the Eighth British Army (Second Polish Corps) and was wounded, losing his left eye in the Battle of Monte Cassino in 1944.
Contract notice: Open procedure for the award of the food service and management canteens adisu cassino (via garigliano 86 / a, via folcara) igc: 62230184e8.
It may be the 65th anniversary of the Normandy D-Day campaign this year, but it is also that of Anzio, Cassino, Kohima and Imphal, all which appear to have been forgotten.
Colour Sgt Craig Robson, 17, and Cpl Danielle Lowery, 18, based at Northumbria ACF, Newcastle, were awarded the award for their contribution to the Cassino Band.
John Clarke MBE, a Royal British Legion branch chairman and Monte Cassino veteran, waffles on about the "snub".
Jimmy Cooke, 81, who fought at Monte Cassino in Italy.
When he left Northern Ireland, a family friend said: "Freddie has been spending a great deal of time in Cassino in Italy, though he has spent some time with relatives in Manchester.