cassette tape

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a cassette that contains magnetic tape

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I use cassette tape because I'm fascinated with technology.
The textile is 50 percent cassette tape and 50 percent polyester thread, CNN reported.
TEENAGERS have launched their own "Tape Modern" art show - using mangled old cassette tapes to create celebrity portraits.
Sony have announced the retirement of their cassette tape walkman as the once ground-breaking gadget continues losing market share in the era of digital technology.
The announcement sounds the death knell for the lovingly-made compilation cassette tape.
The cassette tape was introduced in 1963 with sales of pre-recorded tapes in the UK peaking in 1989.
The collection of 160 commercially-produced audio cassette tapes spans 35 years of Indonesian pop music from 1970 to 2005.
Accessory: Toddler, video camera, scrap book, JFA cassette tape, hip pads
Talking books are still available on cassette tape.
ABOUT 3 OZ: A serving of meat or poultry is the size of a cassette tape.
We used an 8-mm cassette tape, analog video camera.
Self Portrait for the Cover of a Magazine, 2001, shows the artist with half his head shaved, crouching on the floor dutching a cassette tape next to an overturned skateboard.
The unit provides up to 14 hours of continuous playing time using six AA batteries and comes with a water-resistant camouflage carry-all bag and a free cassette tape.
I've produced an original murder mystery on cassette tape, called "Too Dead to Swing".
With simple, spoken commands, an S-Type driver is able to make calls on the cellular telephone, change the radio station, play a compact disc or a cassette tape and adjust the heating and air conditioning.