cassette tape

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a cassette that contains magnetic tape

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The textile is 50 percent cassette tape and 50 percent polyester thread, CNN reported.
TEENAGERS have launched their own "Tape Modern" art show - using mangled old cassette tapes to create celebrity portraits.
It's important to note that no information was lost during restoration transfer from the MEMOREX MRX3 Oxide 90-minute cassette tape to CD.
Sony have announced the retirement of their cassette tape walkman as the once ground-breaking gadget continues losing market share in the era of digital technology.
The announcement sounds the death knell for the lovingly-made compilation cassette tape.
The cassette tape was introduced in 1963 with sales of pre-recorded tapes in the UK peaking in 1989.
The collection of 160 commercially-produced audio cassette tapes spans 35 years of Indonesian pop music from 1970 to 2005.
Talking books are still available on cassette tape.
ABOUT 3 OZ: A serving of meat or poultry is the size of a cassette tape.
The combination radio and cassette tape recorder systems could cause a fire as a result of fluid leakage from their capacitors after long-term use, which sends excessive electric current to their speakers, Sony said.
We used an 8-mm cassette tape, analog video camera.
Self Portrait for the Cover of a Magazine, 2001, shows the artist with half his head shaved, crouching on the floor dutching a cassette tape next to an overturned skateboard.
The unit provides up to 14 hours of continuous playing time using six AA batteries and comes with a water-resistant camouflage carry-all bag and a free cassette tape.
I've produced an original murder mystery on cassette tape, called "Too Dead to Swing".