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a recorder for recording or playing cassettes

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I used a Waltham cassette recorder with black microphone.
Twelve-year-old Paul Dodds had a cassette recorder and a watch taken while his ten-year-old sister Hilary lost a silver charm bracelet.
The current operation involves using four cassette recorders - two for outside recordings - a sound mixer, five copiers but still only one microphone
Dixons says demand for video cassette recorders has fallen dramatically since the middle of the 1990s.
The bomb which blew up Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie killing 270 people was hidden in a Toshiba cassette recorder.
The two Libyans on trial are alleged to have hidden explosives in a radio cassette recorder to bring down Pan Am flight 103, killing 270 people on December 21 1988.
The line includes a mini AM/ FM cassette recorder, an AM/ FM personal stereo cassette player, a clock radio and an AM/FM headset radio.
With Sony's digital interface, based on the *IEEE 1394 open standard, the new digital video cassette recorder allows consumers to copy and edit home videos made from digital Handycam(R) camcorders with virtually no loss of quality.
If you're making a presentation to a small group and want to share the highlights of an event you've recorded in advance or want to tune into the news, check out Sony's GV-S50--a miniature 8mm video cassette recorder (VCR) with a four-inch color LCD screen and a detachable cable-compatible TV tuner pack.
The resulting images are displayed on a video screen contained within the device, which can be linked to other video equipment, such as a standard video cassette recorder (VCR), a graphics computer, or a conventional camera for still photographs.
The basics for getting started in desktop video are a PC, a video camera or camcorder with microphones, tripods and other accessories and a video cassette recorder.
A miniature cassette recorder the kind offered to students in college bookstores ($35 to $75) makes a convenient aidememoire.
RECORD WINNER: Alan Vickers, a buyer from Upton's of Middlesbrough, won a video cassette recorder in the Bissell 660 Lucky Sweeper Order draw at the Birmingham International Spring Fair in February 1982.
Our picture shows pageboy Lee Matthew presenting Mrs Yorath with a radio cassette recorder, watched by bridesmaids Jennifer Jenkins and Nicola Mullins, bride Leann Saunders and groom Jeffrey Savory.
This speaker system features a built-in cassette recorder, and CD player in an all-in-one unit on wheels.