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electronic equipment for playing cassettes

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Annoyed at not being able to listen to music, he ordered his engineers to work on a miniature cassette player.
LAS VEGAS -- Panasonic will unveil a broad spectrum of audio products here this week, including a new line of car cassette players, as well as CD and general audio cassette players.
You can order as many personal cassette players as you wish but please include the correct amount.
These karaoke products include a TFT DVD karaoke system, sing-a-long cassette players, deluxe microphones, electronic keyboards and an electronic drum.
lost the trademark right on its Walkman brand, now commonly used to refer to portable cassette players, according to a ruling statement made available recently.
Radio cassette players were stolen from cars parked on private drives in Odstone Drive and Brenfield Drive, in Hollycroft, Hinckley, yesterday morning.
toy maker, on Tuesday announced a line of Spice Girls products - collectible figures, accessories, radios, microphones and cassette players.
I have two personal cassette players because I'm travelling about all the time and it's a wee bit of escapism," she said.
s best known cartoon characters, the Looney Tunes Tronics line consists of stereo headphones, AM/FM stereo headphone radios, personal cassette players and an AM/FM radio/cassette player/recorder.
Van conversions feature such amenities as full upholstery, carpeting, wood trim, indirect lighting, sleeper sofas, personal stereo systems, TVs and video cassette players.
As a recognized leader in the mobile electronics industry, Al & Ed's Autosound has been an instrumental partner in the pioneering of innovations such as FM radio for cars, cassette players for cars and the first car alarms, and is viewed within the mobile electronics industry as a barometer for the industry in Southern California.
He was also given several cassette players to create a more relaxing atmosphere on the labour ward.
In contrast, portable cassette players registered a 33.
The label developed an unusual campaign to get the disc to reviewers by sending out a limited number of glued-shut cassette players with the album trapped inside.
The adaptor also accommodates MiniDisc and Digital Compact Cassette players.