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electronic equipment for playing cassettes

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Most early computers used different motherboards for each component, but Apple 1 was the first to have all components on one CASSETTE INTERFACE Users could plug a cassette player in to the Apple 1 to store and load software on to the machine
Description: This recall includes the Nu-tronix Karaoke Cassette Player and Recorder with digital radio and alarm features.
There is ample storage, and all Transporters have a stereo radio cassette player, remote central locking and dead locking as standard.
Note how in that same span of fourteen years the dashboard cassette player has cycled from luxury to standard equipment to discarded technology.
They believe the Sony CDX stereo radio cassette player, which was found with a 10 disc Sony CD changer, was stolen from Porthcawl, Pyle or Kenfig Hill.
A 20-year-old woman was discovered dead in her bath with a radio cassette player in the water, an inquest in Birmingham heard.
After visiting other stores, they had received donations of a CD player, cassette player, tea set, remote control car, a toy dog, three free haircuts, manicure and shampoo products, a bead ornament kit and gift certificates to Burger King.
The line includes a mini AM/ FM cassette recorder, an AM/ FM personal stereo cassette player, a clock radio and an AM/FM headset radio.
The pupils held a concert in honour of Herbert Trembath and he was presented with a digital clock and radio alarm and a cassette player.
They stole the umpire's coat - bearing the club emblem - and a radio cassette player.
The Network Walkman will be launched next week in Japan, 25 years after the first Walkman cassette player.
Edna Muir took the last tape she had of herself as a girl singer from her cassette player, and she slipped it into her pocket.
Chicken Little Sing-Along Cassette Player: This kid-friendly cassette player allows your little pop star to sing along to their favorite cassettes (SRP $16.
One of the items - a radio cassette player - is linked to a theft in Yarm on January 23 and police think it likely the others were stolen at about the same time.
But his invoice showed payment for a radio cassette player.