cassette deck

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a tape deck for playing and recording cassette tapes

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TheS re's plenty in Love, Love, Love to get all rose-tinted glasses about, but its writer did not anticipate feeling that way about a simple cassette deck.
0-30: You probably own a cassette deck | 31-44: You probably have a Facebook page 41-60: Your spouse thinks you need therapy | 61-80+: You're a SuperGeek and proud of it
The prosecution said it was Downs who shot them as one of her favorite songs, new wave band Duran Duran's 1982 hit "Hungry Like the Wolf," blared from her car's cassette deck.
Slipping a copy of Bowie's Heroes into the ageing cassette deck, we were off and running.
It's so easy to use, you just click the first channel on, press play, and record just like a cassette deck.
In contrast, these units work just like a cassette deck.
0-liter engine, award-winning safety features and an AM/FM stereo with cassette deck.
Weighing just six pounds, with a durable handle for portability, the US-1800 features a top-loading CD & Graphics/CD player; single cassette deck to record and play back your performances; AM/FM radio tuner; video output for TV connection; vocal cancel option to remove vocals from multiplex software; built-in stereo speaker system; audio output for connection to home stereo or professional systems; and three-way power (AC, DC, and battery).
The 1500 GL Special, designed for families seeking practicality, has a CD player in addition to the AM/FM electric tuner with cassette deck and is offered at 35,000 yen discount.
The next morning, I put the tape in the cassette deck.
With room on the back for only one add-on, you'll either have to buy a switch (Sony, naturally, makes a four-component switch with S-video and RCA jack connections for $55) or make do with just one other component, say a VCR, videogame console or cassette deck.
These new boxes will work as video-game machines, TV channel guides, CD and DVD players, cassette deck replacements (with the added benefit of MP3/SDMI convenience), and living-room internet-access terminals.
another told me all about how black women can dance as he pumped the corny house music from the cassette deck into my after work headache
That means the lifetime of any given model of CD player, TV, VCR, cassette deck, or stereo receiver is just 90 days.
The Six-in-One Retro Music System has a stereo record player for playing your 33's, 45's and 78's, a cassette deck and an AM/FM radio with fine tuning dial and integral aerial for perfect reception.