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a container that holds a magnetic tape used for recording or playing sound or video

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The new MTP fiber systems is an innovatively group of products including MTP cassettes and cable assemblies, which is designed and introduced as a performance version of MPO connectors.
Record companies began trying to persuade consumers to repurchase their favorite LPs on cassette (as they would later with compact discs), while the possibilities of the blank cassette transfixed communities outside the major-label economy.
More than 30 years later, the cassette Walkman has been rendered almost obsolete by MP3 players and iPods.
Sony managed to sell some 200 million iterations of the cassette Walkman over the product line's 30-year career.
Single-use TFF Sius(TM) cassettes provide substantial economic savings over traditional re-usable TFF devices and offer optimum advantages over a wide range of operating scales.
Each of those cassettes was like a box of memories, each reflecting a certain period, a certain state of mind and soul.
To learn more about the Air-O-Cell Cassette pricing and the Relle Smart Cassette, please visit www.
The gravure cassette is compatible with conventional gravure cylinders and gravure sleeve technology, he adds.
Currys also said it anticipated cassette decks, which are today installed in less than five per cent of its audio equipment, will disappear from the range within 18 months.
Just plug the Instant Music into a USB port on your computer and you are ready to begin recording your LPs or cassettes into the most popular digital audio formats available such as MP3, WAV and WMA and AAC.
Ellington Was Not a Street by Notzake Shange and Kadir Nelson Read by Phylicia Rashad Weston Woods Studios, unabridged cassette and hardcover book: $24.
In particular, each receptor cassette encodes a receptor polypeptide that comprises a DNA binding domain, a hinge region, a ligand binding domain and an activation domain.
The official compilation of the group's hits that was made available on cassette this summer includes a leaflet explaining the supposed meaning of the lyrics.
Cassette assortment in class 1 integrons was determined by using the primers 5'CS and 3'CS complementary to the 5' and 3' segments as described previously (3).
The more radiation striking the cassette, the greater the density or darkness created on the corresponding section of the film.