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a container that holds a magnetic tape used for recording or playing sound or video

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Panel covers and cassette blanks offer extra protection from dust and damage.
The label was also inspired by the 1980s DIY cassette scene, so I try and do as much of the creation of the cassette as possible, including the majority of artwork, dubbing the tapes and sometimes adding marble effects to the cassette shells to give every tape a uniqueness.
The Sartobind cassettes offer the same flow path, bed heights (4 and 8 mm) and void volume ratios as Sartobind capsules, and are compatible with Q, S, STIC PA and phenyl ligands.
But when you can fit thousands of songs in a smartphone, why would you even want to revive cassette tapes?
Apart from these video rental outlets, two shops still sell audio cassettes, and owners say firmly that there are still customers for the old tapes.
The report provides a snapshot of the global therapeutic landscape for ATP Binding Cassette Sub Family A Member 1 (ATP Binding Cassette Transporter 1 or ABC 1 or ATP Binding Cassette 1 or Cholesterol Efflux Regulatory Protein or ABCA1)
Now is the time to dig into drawers, cupboards and boxes and admit to cassette crimes, or offer up the bad decisions of friends, relatives and lovers who made tapes that should never, ever be heard again.
Each individual cassette comes with test results that include insertion loss and return loss for both the MTP cassettes as well as the fan out to the SC or LC connectors.
Unlike its predecessor, the eight-track tape, the cassette was a format that afforded the user a degree of control, something Warhol alluded to when he compared his mind to "a tape recorder with one button: Erase.
Sony has sold 220 million cassette Walkman players globally since the product's first model, the TPS-L2, debuted in July 1979, retailing at $200.
Once sold, new cassette Walkmans will no longer be available through the manufacturer, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.
The audio cassette, which came to life in the mid-60s first in Germany, was unquestionably the most popular format for music fans throughout the 70s to the 90s, when "cool" folks swayed to the music they listened to on their walkman.
The new, lower price of $199 per 50 cassettes, which went into effect on April 1, 2007, has already caused the largest spike in cassette sales in the company's history.
The company had a cassette for the 13" MO-Line, and is now offering one on the 16" FA-4 for the first time.
THE days of the cassette tape are doomed, it was predicted yesterday, after a major electrical retailer announced it was pressing the eject button on sales.