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Synonyms for cassava

a starch made by leaching and drying the root of the cassava plant

cassava root eaten as a staple food after drying and leaching

any of several plants of the genus Manihot having fleshy roots yielding a nutritious starch

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Cassava is grown and processed in Ibadan and Ogbomoso zones.
But Da Costa said the cemetery was razed by bulldozer, leaving it difficult to identify any individual remains, to make way for a cassava plantation.
Until recently, in developing countries it was difficult to measure the cyanogen content of cassava roots or products because of various problems associated with the use of accurate methods of analysis.
At a press briefing, Vira also warned tapioca farmers to avoid oversupply of cassava root because that could cause prices to fall.
The book is divided into six parts, Part A entitled Starches and Cellulose - New Developments, includes Chapters on Strach Research - The Indian Perspective; Cereal Starches; Cassava Starch - Scope and Limitations; New Applications of Starch; Progress in Science and Technology of Cellulose Processing in Relevance to Process Biotechnology.
Mingyang Biochemical constructs first oversea cassava program in Vietnam
He included, "As a result of the successes we have recorded in the programme, the state was selected for additional financing which would be channeled towards the cassava and rice production.
Recent observations indicated the wide spread occurrence of CBSD in all cassava growing areas in Tanzania regardless of altitude [15].
3-2 Apparent consumption structure of cassava root in China by application field, 2008-2012, tonne
No other continent depends on cassava to feed as many people as does Africa, where 500m people consume it daily.
It has recently been shown that the performance of growing cattle fed rice straw and para grass improves when the diet is supplemented with cassava foliage (Sath et al.
The cassava shoot fly, Neosilba perezi (Romero & Ruppel) (Diptera: Lonchaeidae), is commonly found in southeastern Brazil, where it occurs mainly in the coastal and inland regions of the state of Sao Paulo (Graner 1942; Lourencao et al.
Kidapawan City s local government unit is urging its residents to plant yellow cassava in preparation for the expected effects of El Nino Phenonomenon.
The project is designed to promote job creation, gender equality and poverty reduction amongst young cassava producers to enable inclusive economic growth and sustainable livelihoods development, AfDB said in a statement.
There is a need for research on cassava and its byproducts with the aim of maximizing their energy value for broiler chickens.