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a light open casque without a visor or beaver


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18) The size of these editions is small in comparison to other Blackie serials; for example, by April 1883, 73,750 of the first number of the Casquet of Literature had been issued.
The presence of both magnetite types is not surprising because, as Casquet and Velasco (1978) state, the magnetite formation took place over an extended period of time.
The different activity of alkalis (Na, K) in the fluids produced plagioclase (oligoclase-andesine), potassium feldspar and scapolite (Ruiz, 1976; Casquet and Velasco, 1978; Casquet, 1991).
For the nearby deposits of Santa Olalia de Cala, Casquet and Velasco (1978) suggest a temperature under 600[degrees]C during the first period of skarn formation, which could be similar in the Nueva Vizcaya deposit.
An hour later the lookout sighted rocks ahead and heard the foghorn on the Casquets lighthouse.
The ship went hard to port and continued on a new course for a short distance before tearing her bottom on each of three submerged reefs at Black Rock, one of the notorious Casquets, eight miles from Alderney.
They could see nothing because of the fog and the Casquets had yet to be connected with the outside world by wireless telegraphy.
Detailed information concerning the configuration, subsidence and development of the Cameros Basin, as well as diagenesis, petroleum systems and hydrothermal metamorphism within the basin, can be obtained from Casquet et al.
The Victory's fate was unknown, although it was assumed she smashed into a group of rocks known as the Casquets.
According to work carried out by Odyssey, HMS Victory lies "around 100km west of the Casquets off the Channel Isles, beyond the territorial seas or contiguous zone of any country".
Without the medieval Les Casquets, to which Briere returns over a hundred pages later, Eddystone loses its narrative function.
Having discovered it in deep water far from where history says it was lost has served to exonerate Admiral Balchin and his officers from the accusation of having let the ship run aground on the Casquets due to faulty navigation," commented Greg Stemm, Odyssey's Chief Executive Officer.