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He learned how to make gourd casques when he was 15 years old and did not stop innovating and exploring materials and techniques that would make the tabungaw more sturdy and last longer.
Seuls, mais ensemble, relies par leurs casques d'ecoute, ils entonnent un chant empreint de compassion et livre en un crescendo qui se fait hymne.
According to the company, BeCrypt's Trusted Client provides low-cost, secure remote access to corporate networks so that staff can work safely from an unmanaged PC, while DMS's CASQUE is a self-contained methodology for access control, which covers authentication, authorisation and key management.
Paul Nunny, spokesman for Casque Marque, said: "Our team visit pubs, always unannounced to carefully check the various ales on sale.
Casque Mark conducted the inspections as part of the organization's "Cask is Cool" campaign, which seeks to raise public awareness about cask ale temperature.
He's currently investigating how cassowaries detect infrasound, paying particular attention to the large, pointy casque atop each bird's head.
AEP Systems and Distributed Management Systems have released a remote-access solution for secure access to company information using CASQUE security.
The pub features in guides such as Good Beer and Casque Marque.
Here, there are five oil paintings on metal - Casque, a helmeted head; Noh, Red Knight, and Carabosse, which are layered with perspex, and Priam, which is cut into horizontal strips and articulated.
Luckily, she had an extra helmet, casque (kusk), for me.
50 (from selected Boots); Lancome Color Focus Exceptional Wear Smooth Eye Colour in Casque d'Or, pounds 10; Bobbi Brown Essentials Fresh Glow Cream Foundation in Chestnut, pounds 26 (call 0800-525501)
Ce document abordait cinq themes, soit le port du casque protecteur par les cyclistes, le patin a roues alignees, le cinemometre photographique (photo-radar), le virage a droite sur feu rouge et la conduite avec les capacites affaiblies par l'alcool.
In the section entitled "Debarquements" Noiret offers evidence of nature's implacable continuance in the face of war, as well as of human persistence beyond any individual sortie: "Longtemps, vous trouverez un casque habite par les crabes, un medaille / Tenue par les algues" ("Sur une crosse").
The surreal caper comes to life as you walk round the building: the silver zinc and orange, yellow and turquoise elements acquire presence and personality, ranging from the metallic visor of some huge medieval casque to waterfalls, waves and clouds.
France's Casque Bleu has been the year's big local hit, with better than two million tickets sold.