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Shaw's operates its own check cashing outlet as well, for those who have successfully cleared two checks at the store and have a Shaw's discount card.
To be sure, the steel bars and Plexiglas that cover the teller windows at check cashing outlets may not be pretty or genteel, especially when compared to the marbled lobbies and high ceilings of conventional banks.
For the last four years, Anna, who earns her living working temporary jobs, has cashed her paychecks at one of New Haven's 10 check cashing stores, such as X-Bankers, which sits half a block away.
You don't have to be too smart to open up a check cashing store," says U.
7-Eleven is trying out automated check cashing machines in a few of its stores.
com), a leading provider of financial services technology solutions, announces new features available with the commercial deployment of its automated check cashing solution.
The installations of the VERO check cashing solution include 24-hour check cashing at thru-the-wall ATMs and new teller-assisted enrollment and check cashing stations at all three bank locations.
Palm Desert National Bank (PDNB) will offer the VERO(R) automated check cashing solution at all three of its greater Palm Desert bank branches in 2006.