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a credit card that entitles the holder to receive cash

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com/travelmoney); STATravel Cashcard (0845 872 0812 and www.
By bundling great mobile phones, affordable rate plans, low cost international calling, the instant issue Trumpet CashCard and easy-to-use mobile money transfers, we are delivering significant value to RadioShack customers in two areas they care about most -- managing their money and staying in touch with their family and friends," said John W.
The Trumpet CashCard is issued by The Bancorp Bank, Member FDIC.
Police investigating the killing of the Dixons found their cashcard had been used at a cashpoint in Haverfordwest shortly after the killings.
Brian's killer, or killers, also took his cashcard and used his PIN number to withdraw pounds 350 from a cash machine at the Asda store on Bradford Road, Huddersfield, minutes after he was shot.
The STA Travel Cashcard, the first branded prepaid cash card, enables travellers to hold up to pounds 5,000 in a secure online "eccount" from where it can be safely moved on to the card by text, internet or phone as and when it is required.
The plunging pound means travellers who grab last minute currency at the airport or, even worse, use a credit card to obtain cash abroad, could get a poor exchange rate, warns Andrew Hamilton, marketing boss for ICE Travellers cashcard.
The STA Travel Cashcard, set up in association with Tuxedo Money Solutions, enables travellers to hold up to pounds 5,000 in a secure online "eccount," from where it can be safely moved on to the card by text, via internet and by phone, as and when needed.
This will enable the user, for example, to check money transactions on a cashcard and query the current balance at any time.
Shinsei Bank PowerFlex Account Cashcard holders will be able to withdraw and deposit cash at no charge at the ATMs from 6 a.
Their instant access savings account where you can withdraw money with a cashcard, currently offers a respectable 4.
The latest to join this market with a machine which is probably best described as "a safe with a PC on top" is CashCard Services, operated by Mark Mills who was the brains behind the Advertising Post Box venture.
The IU will debit the toll from a Cashcard (ubiquitously available and launched in 1996 at a cost of S$40 million to help turn Singapore into a cashless society) every time the vehicle passes under a set of gantries.
Myers cautions cashcard users to choose banking machines that are located only in well-lit, well-traveled areas.