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able to be converted into ready money or the equivalent

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We "get" that the state's tough budget predicament made necessary the accelerated sunsetting of the cashable tax credit program.
Also, keeping more cash, in spite of reducing the risk, gets the investment opportunities off the bank and will reduce the efficiency of bank resources [5]Maintaining cashable assets to ensure the existence of financial flows to pay the applicants reduce investment opportunities for banks.
In October 2012, Cuyahoga County released a formal request for Pay for Success (PFS) proposals that would present cashable savings to the county by addressing a particular social issue.
For example, in supporting Birmingham City Council's business transformation project, circa PS600 million of cashable savings will be made by March 2017.
Tomas Veloso, a street junk collector, said as soon as Glenda left Lucena, he and his two sons started to search for cashable trash and typhoon left-overs.
Assignments focus on priorities and best use of resources for cashable votes.
The promoter is Liverpool Echo/Trinity Mirror The prize is a chance for two Everton Football Club fans to meet Leighton Baines and have a tour of Goodison Park The prize is not cashable or refundable and is non transferable The prize is only available to supporters of Everton Football Club The winners will be picked at random from all eligible entries received By participating in this competition, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions Entrants must be 18 years old or over.
Circle provides a universal on-demand service for its members, producing cashable savings for host local authorities and strong social outcomes for its members.
The school equalizing fund provided financial assistance to keep schools open a minimum of seven months and also enabled teachers in qualifying schools to receive a portion of their salary in cashable warrants.
Every day the top five new players receive a $100 cashable chip and the next five get a 500% deposit bonus.
The problem is that the assets are not enough cashable and investments are held.
She said: "In Gwent, we really have proved that you can do more with less - over the same period under my leadership we have made PS25m recurring cashable savings out of a PS130m budget and are currently exceeding our savings targets for this year and have clear plans to deliver savings up to March 2016.
For example, many foreign workers are paid in cashable cheques or employed as advisors and consultants, leaving the responsibility of tax payments to the employee himself.
I always say that 'you can cash Saudi riyal in any place in the world, if we train Saudis to be cashable in any place of the world,.
The checks, which weren't addressed to anyone, were each valued at about $1 million each; however, the checks are not expected to be cashable.