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a readily salable crop that is grown and gathered for the market (as vegetables or cotton or tobacco)

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Lucrative market price of garlic has also encouraged the farmers to grow the cash crop this winter, the BARI scientist said.
Taking to reporter here on Monday he said that the rains arrived at a crucial time as all seasonal crops required rains at this stage, particularly for the wheat, one of the most important cash crops of the Rabi.
On Monday Dr Gopang explained that the rains had arrived at a crucial time, as all seasonal crops required rains at this stage, particularly wheat, one of the most important cash crops of the country.
He said that mills owners had planned to delay crushing season to force farmers to sell their cash crop at throwaway price.
The report says the Lao PDRs ongoing constructions of the cross-border railway project and hydropower projects including the Xayabouri hydropower project, stimulated economic activities, an increased investment in special and specific economic zones by additional 50 companies in the first half of the year, and a surge in cash crop production and exports will drive further economic growth in 2017.
The erratic weather has proved lethal for the production of cotton, one of the country's key cash crops.
The remaining land is planted with more than 40 other food and cash crops such as yams, oil palm, groundnuts, vegetables, and plantain.
First, consider whether a fallow crop requires taking land out of cash crop production for all or part of a season.
In this study, two agricultural counties were selected in each state, and the potential for winter rye cover crop adoption was estimated based on cash crop rotation and tillage systems.
Also, the smooth cane crushing is ensured and the farmers are saved huge financial losses for whom sugarcane is an important cash crop.
Oxfam partner Palestinian Agriculture Relief Committee (PARC), which manages Gaza's cash crop exports to the Netherlands, said the unusually cold weather throughout the season also impacted carnations and vegetables production, delaying it to the end of the season when the electricity crisis was at its height.
Frustrated by the low cotton prices, farmers across Uganda have started destroying the cash crop, due to cotton prices range decrease from sh 800 to sh 1,600 per kilogramme from around sh 2,300 a year ago.
The ECC decision to delay urea imports, in its meeting, is likely to have far reaching impact on Pakistan's economy, resulting in massive urea shortage and lower wheat production during 2011/12 as farmers don't have adequate urea for their cash crop like wheat in current Rabi season, stakeholders estimate.
Wheat, the original cash crop, ruined Wisconsin farmers long before ruining the farmers of the dust bowl during the 1930s.
POTATOES have become a lucrative cash crop for many developing countries, but this boom may shudder to a halt because of the credit crunch and its spawn, the global recession.