cash cow

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a project that generates a continuous flow of money

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In Olick's interview, Texas Cash Cow Investments' President, Phillip Carter was asked why was his company seeing so much success.
The first two instalments in the Twilight franchise have tipped box office takings over the billion-dollar mark and movie number three looks set to be another cash cow.
It's a lousy business unless, of course, you have a cash cow metalcasting business that is so lucrative you'll invest in a marginal business to protect it.
But you can expect the landfill companies to fight this vehemently, because C&D has long been a cash cow for them as they divert it away from legitimate recyclers," Turley adds.
Using such machines when demand is high simply means that the unit is a cash cow and a license to print money.
While your firm has faced some competition, none of the other local accounting firms has had the resources to challenge you in the technology field and it's become the business's lucrative cash cow.
Who cares how many packets 505i users generate so long as they actually buy one of these babies and make lots of voice calls, which are still the cash cow for DoCoMo.
But dividends for cash cow Microsoft are easy: The company doesn't need to sink all of its earnings into R&D or acquisitions.
The government is using the 7(a) and 504 programs as a cash cow to fund other programs as opposed to charging enough to meet the needs of the programs themselves," says Manzullo.
Ed Towey, spokesman for the Florida Health Care Association, says: "Trial lawyers have found their latest cash cow in the nursing home industry.
The threat of withdrawing tax credits for American productions is a great worry to the industry in British Columbia, but less so in Toronto and Montreal, where indigenous Canadian production flourishes; although, no one in the industry would welcome a withdrawal of the American cash cow.
Much of this stability is credited to a vibrant economy based on the revival of the silk industry, Lucca's traditional cash cow.
At NXTcomm, Hatteras Networks introduced the Cash Cow theme to demonstrate the breadth of carriers that have replaced legacy services with Mid-Band Ethernet, showing how services are being deployed and how service providers are growing top-line revenue.
EU seems to regard UK as a cash cow IS THE European Union about a family or about banking, because the more I see, the more it seems to me like the only driving force in the EU is money.