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a method of accounting in which each item is entered as payments are received or made

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In the first quarter, the government generated a primary fiscal surplus on a cash basis of e1/4239.
The Award Program for Small Government Cash Basis Reports aims to improve the quality and consistency of financial reporting for small governments.
Many small businesses are likely to benefit from the simplicity of the cash basis, particularly those providing services, such as hairdressers, window cleaners, taxi drivers, gardeners, painters and decorators, plumbers and electricians.
The conversion of the cash basis to the accrual basis is represented by a series of adjusting entries.
In the January-October period of 2010, 191 billion TL revenue was collected on a cash basis and non-interest expenditure was performed as 184.
IPSAS 24 and Financial Reporting under the Cash Basis of Accounting can be downloaded free-of-charge from the IFAC online bookstore: http://www.
The author analyzed the financial characteristics of professional practices that report financial statements on a cash basis in an attempt to understand this seeming discrepancy.
Pure cash basis of accounting suggests that transactions are recorded on the basis of cash receipts and disbursements.
Nonprofits can choose between two primary accounting methods when preparing their financial statements, cash basis or accrual basis.
In addition, a cash basis employee who defers the income before it is earned will not be taxed until actual receipt.
Mr Geoffrey Gosling, tax partner at Coopers' Birmingham office, said: "Many partnership companies use a favourable basis of accounting such as a cash basis or payment on a 'bills delivered' basis.
One such circumstance might be where the taxpayer is on the cash basis.
Timing: A close corporation that leases property from a controlling shareholder may have its rent deductions deferred if it is on the accrual basis and the shareholder is on the cash basis.
Other problems associated with income tax basis financial statements relate to choices within the tax law, such as the choice between a cash, accrual, or modified cash basis.
The ED, Proposed International Public Sector Accounting Standard: Financial Reporting Under the Cash Basis of Accounting--Disclosure Requirements for Recipients of External Assistance, is intended to enhance transparency and relevance of disclosures about financial assistance to governments and other public sector entities.