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Synonyms for cash

Synonyms for cash

something, such as coins or printed bills, used as a medium of exchange

Synonyms for cash

prompt payment for goods or services in currency or by check

United States country music singer and songwriter (1932-2003)

exchange for cash

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We arrogantly determined that discounted cash flow didn't make any sense in valuing a company in this new world.
Favorite Cash songs: `` 'Big River' is probably my favorite song.
The Birmingham cash depot will be serviced by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta's head office, the Oklahoma City cash depot will be serviced by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas' head office, and the Portland cash depot will be serviced by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco's Seattle office.
As you've probably noticed by now, net worth and cash flow are related.
The cash surrender value method has a number of serious shortcomings when it comes to fairly accounting for the new breed of life-insurance products.
To establish monthly cash flow, subtract the total of all payables from receipts to determine the cash surplus or deficit for the month.
CitiDirect[R], Citibank's online web-based cash management system, gives managers real-time information on their positions in a given country and region, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Cashing checks accounts for 65 percent of Consiglio's cash flow, and it's the core service that brings in customers, who cash a total of around $500,000 a week.
Cash benefit recipients will be permitted to carry over monies not spent from month to month, provided these funds are maintained in a special account.
The Tax Court decision in HCA thus reflects the view that taxpayers should not be held up to the impossible standard of using an accounting method that perfectly matches all income and all expenses Further, the decision means that the clear reflection of income test must be applied to a large sophisticated taxpayer in the same way it is applied to a small less-sophisticated taxpayer (and, thus, without regard to the size of the difference between the cash and accrual methods).
The same amount appeared on another page of the documents as the sum of three smaller amounts of cash that the suspects placed in boxes and a suitcase.
Over the medium term, projected 2008 dividend cash flows to AEI are expected to cover debt service by slightly more than 4x on average.
This could attract new customers who look at cash discounts as a form of price reduction.
In the Democratic race, Liu raised $88,779 and lent $150,000 to her campaign, reporting cash on hand of $210,824; former Screen Actors Guild President Barry Gordon reported raising $73,229 and lending $40,000 to his campaign, with $124,545 cash on hand; and Diana Peterson-More, a lawyer and human resources consultant raised $55,274 and reported $53,110 cash on hand.