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close sociological study of a maladjusted person or family for diagnosis and treatment

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The state, after years of negotiations and protests, reached an agreement that Department of Children and Families caseworkers would have 15 or fewer cases per worker.
There is no doubt that welfare caseworkers have a powerful influence on clients.
Texas "has an insufficient number of caseworkers, forcing caseworkers to carry over double the caseload limits under recognized standards, putting children at risk," the advocacy group wrote on its website, adding that many foster children "languish in care without permanent homes.
Foster care caseworkers have identified training-related obstacles (for example, being trained to consider the child as the primary client; being trained to prioritize child safety above all); logistical obstacles (for example, high caseloads, lack of time and resources); and obstacles based on workers' beliefs and expectations of parents (for example, worker bias against parents, workers' skepticism regarding the ability of parents to be rehabilitated) (Alpert & Britner, 2005).
While chatting to a customer recently, Stuart learned she was a caseworker with the Cleveland branch of SSAFA Forces Help.
He has been working as a specialist employment caseworker and supervisor.
The state agency is challenged by staff turnover, which creates a younger work force requiring clearer rules and tighter supervision in doing what is a tough job for even the most experienced caseworkers, she said.
And clinic officials had been sharing the RV with caseworkers at L.
I also note that it is important to consider how language barriers can effect interactions between immigrant welfare clients and caseworkers who may also be racial or ethno-linguistic minorities.
Caseworkers are mandated, by law, to protect children from abuse and neglect from any individual who is responsible for the child's welfare, including biological parents, foster parents, grand parents or any other individual who takes responsibility.
PSF, a private organization located in Gainesville, Florida that provides child welfare services to 11 counties in north-central Florida, chose Cubistix to develop a solution utilizing its advanced mapping technology and location analytics to help caseworkers and managers efficiently and cost-effectively visualize and manage their case loads, identify foster homes, fill gaps for services, and manage neighborhoods, all at the spatial level through the use of mapping technology.
Early in 1998, one of its caseworkers began to review concerns submitted by the men's solicitors and, more than three years later, in November 2001, the case was turned down.
To an extent rare among the city's 150 caseworkers, Michael's career served as a tutorial on what conscientious casework can (and can't) achieve.
Increased numbers of qualified caseworkers in children and family services agencies
All their caseworkers have wide experience of the cultural, social and emotional issues surrounding forced marriage, which is a violation of human rights of one or both parties.