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military barracks in a garrison town

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24 (1) 55 (2) Work place 37 (1) 21 (1) Dormitory, military casern 56 (2) 9 (0) Bus/train, etc.
I even stayed in a marine casern for a while as well as in a house close to the Israeli Embassy, one of the most protected buildings of Holland,'' she said in March to Kyodo.
10:00 Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Marwan Charbel, visits Dbayeh casern, in presence of Internal Security Forces Chief, Major General Ashraf Rifi.
It means that a player will have many hours of building windmills, caserns, foundries and other facilities, serving to warriors, all sorts of craftsmen, and even Gods.
An agreement could be reached over a new transitional phase, in which all the authorities are distributed between the powers to reassure the people about Egypt's future, instead of the mobilization seen on the squares and the barricading seen in caserns and institutions which originally belong to the civilians
He spoke in front of audiences ranging from factory workers to grammar school pupils or even soldiers and in different venues (factories, schools, restaurants, caserns, libraries or pioneers' clubhouses (10)), often holding more than one lecture a day and taking a free day only on Sundays.
But as European militaries have shifted to smaller, all-volunteer forces concentrated in fewer caserns, significant social and political consequences resulted.