case-fatality proportion

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the number of cases of a disease ending in death divided by the number of cases of the disease

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In our study, the 30-day case-fatality proportion (deaths from all causes) was 14%, which is similar to findings from other studies that report case-fatality rates ranging from 11% to 25% during hospitalization (3,13-16).
We calculated case-fatality proportions by dividing all deaths due to any cause within 30 days after the last CDAD-related discharge, including CDAD-related deaths, by the total number of patients discharged with a CDAD-related diagnosis.
An alternative explanation for the absence of antibodies would be that the case-fatality proportion was higher than observed during the outbreaks in Durba and Watsa (71%) (3).
Then, meningitis cases and meningitis deaths are calculated by using the case-fatality proportion of Hib pneumonia, the 5:1 Hib pneumonia:meningitis ratio, the Hib meningitis case-fatality proportion, and the annual number of Hib pneumonia cases.
By using the case-fatality proportions of Hib meningitis and Hib pneumonia, obtained locally if possible, the annual number of deaths attributable Hib in the country is also estimated.