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The boy's father, identified by police as 32-year-old Brian Wolfe, said he didn't think the swat "even really registered to" his son, according to the auditor's case summary.
The case summary should be relatively detailed including what the police say happened, a summary of the evidence that the police have collected and a brief summary of what you said to the police during any interview.
The only presence of "defend" in the court case summary is as "defendant," in other words, the underwriters.
Hypnosis for Pain and Neuromuscular Rehabilitation with Multiple Sclerosis: Case Summary, Literature Review, and Analysis of Outcomes.
The answers to the case summary exercises list the assigned and appropriately sequenced codes, followed by a comments section that explains how the codes were assigned and why some codes were not assigned.
Mr Justice Royce ordered the prosecution, represented by Brian Pixton, to serve a case summary to the defence counsel by June 5.
Read the full case summary for the Standards Board investigation into Warren Bradley.
PLAINTIFF'S CLAIM: The specifics of the claim--which likely focused on the wound care she received and the delay in her diagnosis--were not detailed in the case summary.
FindLaw (Eagan, MN), a provider of legal information and internet marketing services for law firms, has launched Case Summary RSS Feed, a new case summary service designed to deliver the latest court opinions in a standardized RSS feed for attorneys, legal commentators and others seeking the latest case information.
Each case summary includes topical headings covering the main points of the case, brief descriptions of case merits, case name, docket number, and date.
They include the plaintiff attorney's case summary, complaint, opening statement, and closing argument; depositions from plaintiff and defense expert witnesses; verdict information; TRIAL articles and ATLA Education speaker papers; national guidelines pertaining to fetal distress, induction of labor, C-sections, and preeclampsia; secondary sources, such as Internet resources, a medical glossary of terms, and an abbreviated medical journa survey; and medical illustrations from Medical Legal Art: The Doe Report, an ATLA Extras company.
The Supreme Court of Canada ruled unanimously "The Law Society does not infringe copyright when a single copy of a reported decision, case summary, statute, regulation or a limited selection of text from a treatise is made by the Great Library in accordance with its access policy.
Additionally, the mode of abortion chosen in this case, a hysterotomy, "is the same procedure as a C-section," noted LC in a case summary.