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a system of jurisprudence based on judicial precedents rather than statutory laws

(civil law) a law established by following earlier judicial decisions

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6701 to advisers who took a reasonable reporting position, the case law has focused more on the knowledge-of-under-statement criterion.
As a result, taxpayers can use the extensive ITC case law with confidence to reclassify construction costs from real property to personal property by doing a cost classification study.
The firm's access to the Harvard case law content and PDF images of original case opinions will enrich case law collection available from LexisNexis.
There are several key trends in 2015 case law, she explained.
From negotiated procurements processes and small business issues to standards of conduct and alleged bias, Key Case Law Rules for Government Contract Formation documents key language, cites relevant cases, and offers up commentary essential to any federal legal requirements reader in a 'must have' reference for acquisition professionals.
20) Next, this comment summarizes the key points of South Dakota drainage case law, including a supplement to the survey of South Dakota drainage cases conducted by Professor John H.
Some of the complexity arises as a result of the everchanging and often conflicting case law.
This is a collection, in five parts, of global, regional, sub-regional and national human rights instruments, policies, legislation and case law that are relevant to HIV and AIDS.
However, as is discussed below, case law suggests that the charge-off requirement of Sec.
Under the existing case law, the presumption is that the advice is not privileged because it is considered "business advice" or "accountant's work" and not legal advice.
While there is little case law exploring the contours of the common interest doctrine under these circumstances, it is apparent that a court would need to consider the unique facts of each particular case, including the course of dealing between the carrier and the insured as well as the nature of the documents or information at issue.
Officers use their discretion to protect themselves from rapidly unfolding street situations not specifically guided by sterile case law.
And the "plain sight provision" for car carry, "under Ohio case law, is a legal fiction and cannot be reliably complied with by a law-abiding citizen, no matter how well intentioned they are.