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a system of jurisprudence based on judicial precedents rather than statutory laws

(civil law) a law established by following earlier judicial decisions

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From negotiated procurements processes and small business issues to standards of conduct and alleged bias, Key Case Law Rules for Government Contract Formation documents key language, cites relevant cases, and offers up commentary essential to any federal legal requirements reader in a 'must have' reference for acquisition professionals.
Users of the SERION search, watch and analysis platform from Thomson CompuMark will have the opportunity to view summary-level case law data from within a search or watch report.
For case law searching, user settings include jurisdiction, date range, Authority Check (see below), number of results (100, 500, or 1000) and "sort by" (relevance, decision date, short name, or by times cited).
While the previous case law relied upon by the Court can be read as moving in this direction, the facts of this case go beyond what had previously been considered.
Left unaddressed in the existing case law, moreover, is the exact scope and meaning of "tax return preparation" work.
However, law enforcement agencies around the country undoubtedly can relate to the findings through their own experiences with the complex case law in their own states.
The case law is far from uniform on the applicability of the common interest doctrine to communications among insurers and their reinsurers.
That case law (supporting President Bush's actions) includes a 1972 Supreme Court decision, four federal courts of appeal decisions, and the 2002 opinion of the Court of Review specially established to hear FISA appeals (In Re: Sealed Case).
To round out the program, Palm Beach County attorney Julie Littky-Rubin provided a general case law update and discussion on the Daubert/Frye case law, and PBCTLA board member Richard M.
Each of the practices has been fully substantiated by legislative acts that define general fiduciary procedures and, when applicable, regulatory opinion letters and case law.
Legal Publication Services recently launched The Cumulative Digest of Mine Safrey and Health Decisions on CD, a quarterly service of searchable mine safety and health case law on CD.
The 900-page book was developed to provide a thorough analysis of the statutory law, case law and regulations affecting drug testing in the workplace.
Administration lawyers have selectively read case law to come to the conclusions they wanted.
Do you read or are you a typical sales guy whose eyes glaze over the FAR, who has no clue about case law, who does not know how to find the ten top primes at EPA and who really has two skills, talking on the phone and drinking/golfing?