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detailed record of the background of a person or group under study or treatment

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This new case history can be ordered directly from the Interplastic website at www.
According to the case history, the CFP board's Disciplinary and Ethics Commission decided to permanently revoke the advisor's right to use the CFP trademarks.
The HMT editors appreciate that you sent us this succinct pitch five months in advance, and we especially appreciate your understanding of what HMT's physician office readers want in a case history.
A review of the infant's family case history may prove the most time-consuming part of a SUID investigation.
One case history reports how JFS workers discovered a missing phone number that led to a reunion between a man in Russia and his long-lost father, who had immigrated to Los Angeles 40 years earlier.
This case history presents siloxane additives for molding polypropylene and thermoplastic olefins.
In one case history after another, Takaki cites the aggressive bigotry tolerated and codified into U.
By going beyond tired philosophical documents and consulting a wider variety of sources -- like the case history above -- to study the behavior of the parterre, Ravel contributes a unique perspective on the relevance of theatre to political culture in early modern France.
He theorizes there could be a major gold find just north of the Lake Abitibizone, based on some promising indicators and the overall geological case history of the region.
Privacy laws, competitive pressures or difficulty in retrieving case history or other information from current carriers or third-party administrators contribute to this problem.
If employment has to be terminated, a properly documented case history provides an easily defensible action in court," Trendline says.
The process permitted a determination of the construct validity of each case history and revealed significant differences at the .
You can build the entire case history of a business, including the business name and address, bankruptcy history, lawsuits and corporate status.
We were operating on anecdotal evidence and case history.
Following a case history review, the examiner should consider any prior assessment results that might assist the examiner in identifying a pattern of client behavior and determine whether the behaviors of concern are in a phase of exacerbation or remission.