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rush down in big quantities, like a cascade

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Next, the council constructed a diagram of how we wanted communication to cascade down and across the hierarchy to every division, department, clinic, team and individual employee.
It had to do with driving down, the ground reaction force would then suddenly cascade down the entire body through the big toe.
As the head rotates, jets fan out in a swirling pattern, drive against and then cascade down the walls of the vessel.
Officials who manage the Castaic Dam lowered the water in the reservoir during last winter's heavy rain - more than 50 inches fell in Santa Clarita - so that water did not overflow and cascade down the concrete spillway.
Dark red lipstick limns her mouth, and auburn ringlets cascade down to the center of her back.
He said: "We are currently briefing chief officers across the country, and the information will cascade down to officers.
The waterfall will cascade down from Beau Ciel's third-floor, zero-entry, 100,000-gallon pool into the Hyatt's ground-floor lagoon pool.
In essence, attainment of the vision is dependent upon, and cascades down to, five imperatives, which in turn cascade down to 21 objectives, then to 49 measures, and subsequently 36 initiatives.
When an electric current flows through the QC laser, electrons cascade down an energy staircase; every time they hit a step they emit an infrared photon, or light pulse.
A goodly portion of the Great Potomac River is born here in a thousands rivulets that pick up volume and speed as they cascade down the rugge mountains of the Monongahela National Forest.
In the quantum cascade laser, charged particles first move up several energy levels, then cascade down step by step, releasing photons at each plateau.
By enclosing the items in closed cartons, water was able to cascade down over burning surfaces and extinguish the fire.
Lenders familiar with traditional AVM cascades will appreciate the new version's ability to cascade down through AVM options and, if necessary, on into other collateral valuation products, each with its own cascade.
Your favourite chocolate will be melted in the base of the fountain and when consistency is right will cascade down ready for you to dip straight in to with anything of your choice such as fruits, cakes, marshmallows or sweets, in fact anything that takes your fancy.