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an older or native quarter of many cities in northern Africa


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Other films such as the colonial French Pepe le Moko, were made there too, showing the casbah as a maze where a Parisian hoodlum on the run could hide and live reasonably well, beyond the reach of French police who hardly dared enter there.
As it is primarily residential, most of the people in the casbah that day were mothers, young children and elderly women making their way somewhere, or male youth, seemingly with time on their hands.
At the center of a casbah residence, was a square or rectangular courtyard with balconies wrapping around and looking down onto it from above.
On the other hand much of it also cried out for recovery; for investment of ingenuity, resources and engineering of the kind on display not far from the casbah at some locations restored by archaeologists, artisans and specialists who trained in Italy, working on marble, to set such ruins straight.
In this part of the city, the section below the casbah, the streets were shared by both motorists and pedestrians.
Next we passed the spot where, on another day, I had entered the casbah.
Tout au long de la vallee du Draa se dressent de beaux monuments construits en terre, ksour avec leurs remparts ou casbah aux tours carrees a creneaux, finement dentelees.