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any of several plants of the genus Manihot having fleshy roots yielding a nutritious starch

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Ai o marido para e pensa um pouco, "Ta bom, casava .
Trish says: "We'll be using not only plantain and rice but also vegetables such as casava to present a new image of 'poshed-up' African cooking.
Let them eat millet and casava root for a week, and let's see who's singing what tune when it comes to being "constructive.
Los insectos alimentados de hojas de casava Manihot esculenta, hojas acidas de Vernonia amygdalina y una mezcla de M.
Factors affecting biological control of casava mealy-bug by exotic parasitoids: a ratio-dependent supply-demand driven model.
A single model is used in EPIC for simulating all the crops considered (corn, grain sorghum, wheat, barley, oats, sunflower, soybean, alfalfa, cotton, peanuts, potatoes, durham wheat, winter peas, fava beans, rapeseed, sugarcane, sorghum hay, range grass, rice, casava, lentils, and pine trees).
At these bacchanals they would drink prodigious quantities of their casava beer and dance on wooden boards over a pit that sounded like a giant drum.
8, Illumina) on Minnesota Supercomputing Institute servers, and CASAVA also demultiplexed the data to obtain FASTQ files for individual samples.
Preprocessing of the raw paired-end data from multiplexed sequencing was done using Illumina's CASAVA software (version 1.
Host read exclusion was performed by removing reads that aligned to the human genome (Homo sapiens chromosome 10, GRCh37 primary reference assembly) by using the CASAVA pipeline 1.