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Synonyms for caryopsis

dry seed-like fruit produced by the cereal grasses: e

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1 1 Wetland Coix caryopsis 1 Coix involucral bract fragments 22 131 147 3 Fruits/nuts Cratageus sp.
common nut w 10 18 nettle Other wild plant taxa Apiaceae carrot mericarp w -- 1 family Bromus brome caryopsis c -- 1 Car ex sedge nut w -- 2 Persicaria/ knotweed/ nut w -- -- Polygonum knotgrass Silene campion seed w -- 1 Torilis hedge-- mericarp w -- 1 parsley Sum of macro 431 1804 botanical remains Other components charcoal c x x roots/rootlets w xx -- bark fragments w -- x buds w -- x twig fragments w -- x unidentifiable w xx -- plant fibres wood fragments w x xxx Bryophyta (stem w x xx and leaves) leaf fragments w -- -- Cenococcum w x x geophilum (sclerotia) Bone fragments unidentified bone -- -- fragments mammalia bone xx -- fragments Insect remains beetle remains -- x (e.
a structural approach to maize caryopsis development in vivo and in vitro.
All of the caryopses are round to oval in broad view (Figure 4) and scutellum length is less than two-thirds total caryopsis length with broad width.
distribution in the caryopsis and inflorescence bracts of Setaria
Photochemical activity in chloroplasts of anthers and caryopsis in cereals.