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a supporting column carved in the shape of a person

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Yes, all of you please come to my apartment right away, tomorrow, I at once joyfully proposed to the caryatids and atlantes (which is what their men are called), of course they were cordially invited to my place at any time, I would in future expect the fullest possible contingent of them to show up at my door whenever they pleased, and a visit from the telamones (which is what they are collectively called), welcome at all times of day or night, would cheerfully brighten the twilight solitude of my quiet rooms
The Caryatids are the daughters--clones--of a Balkan war criminal.
Before the 1859 restoration one of these caryatids was male, but after they were destroyed to gain access to the pipes behind them, female bodies with beards replaced the originals.
47) Other stones show the honored human raised up on a podium, one supported by yet more bodies in the form of corpulent caryatids.
By returning to oil-paint he liberated himself from chiselling out savage African deities and Grecian caryatids who could support nothing.
It depicts a rider swinging a sword within an architectural frame of caryatids and angels, and the cartouche under it carries the text NINVS (Ose 1996, 73, Fig.
I was photographed with the caryatids on the Acropolis, ran through the Parthenon on a windy February or March day, the Greek sun so bright against the white marble it hurt my eyes.
A sculpture garden exterior has four impressive marble caryatids of strong and determined black women, Patience, Honesty, Trust and Integrity.
Enormous sculptural elements, such as Classical columns, caryatids and landscaped gardens and roofs convey a feeling of heroic scale and these buildings are indeed huge (library 61 000sqm and court 45 000sqm) compared with the ordinary houses which surround them.
These caryatids of collective memory have become a kind of "second nature," pervading the map of the cities, villages, and hamlets to such an extent that their original meaning has been all but forgotten.
The Stephen Koplowitz dancers, engaged to perform a site-specific work for the occasion, were ranged, like rosy caryatids, along the Met's parade of niches.
The Erechtheion with its most famous feature, the Porch of the Caryatids, marks the site of Athena's battle with Poseidon.
Niches, altars, tabernacles, granite bowls, marble urns, tombstones, smooth and carved, columns, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian and Composite, caryatids, friezes, acanthuses, entablatures and pediments, false vaults, real vaults, as well as stretches of brick wall, the gables of Cyclopean walls, lancet windows, rose windows, gargoyles, oriel windows, tympanums, pinnacles, paving stones, flying buttresses, pillars, pilasters, recumbent statues representing men in helmet, sword and armour, capitals with and without ornamentation, pomegranates, lilies, immortelles, campaniles, cupolas.
He remembers riding in the back of his father's Studebaker and looking idly at the cornices when he spied the line of nude caryatids (rumored to be modeled after a notorious L.
The artist cites as inspiration Inukshuks, stacked stone forms created by Native Americans for navigational purposes, and Greek Telamon or Caryatids, which are figures of support found on the facades of important buildings from the ancient world.