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a supporting column carved in the shape of a person

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The Dance of the Caryatides is an explosive, playful production that, using motion, lights and sound, changes the perspective of the historic building.
a stifling moment of heat, dust, noise, young men in short sleeves drifting through shabby streets, old ornate buildings, their cornices, caryatides, peeling on hovels below--most of all, the sense of durance, merciless contraction in the gut.
when amid a more splendid decor of red plush and gilt caryatides fin-de-siecle young worshippers crowded to the tables of Oscar and Aubrey" (174).
As we exchanged texts and images via fax my poems began to take shape around certain classical themes I associated with the caryatides as both mythic and sculptural figures.
Not Broadway's, replete with gilt cupidons and bas relief caryatides staring woefully at the ugly specter of an asbestos curtain.