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a supporting column carved in the shape of a person

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That was why my body was passed along the line from building to building, with as few gaps as possible, from caryatid to atlas (the masculine singular), for the purpose of disseminating my sleep concerts, slumber plays, dreamer serenades, fatigue tragedies, exhaustion comedies, all to be marveled at, with feelings running ever higher, as the ultimate or penultimate secret lighting up for them the transfiguring significance of their immobile existence, to the point of a mysterious dissolution of their universal formula for the petrifaction equation.
There is a world of difference between the way Wheeler's telamons and caryatids keep their formal watch above the Corinthian classicism of Herbert Baker's bank facade, and the way Gill's medievalist Prospero steps gently from the Jacobean stage to grace the entry to Broadcasting House.
Marg Moll's Tanzerin, for example, has lost the ribbon she once held and now looks like an updated version of a Caryatid, the sculpted female figure that was once carved into columns and supports on ancient temples, literally holding the weight of the structure over her head (fig.
The camera then glides past a much more distant view of the orchestra and audience before curving upward to halt on a caryatid that has been placed near the ceiling, continuing to skim across the first layer of the picture plane.
Umm-Uthainah: Stern 2001: 254 (bronze caryatid censer executed "in pure Assyrian style"); Routledge 1997: 35 (shallow and sharply carinated bronze objects).
Made of white marble, it was mounted on a three tiered limestone pedestal supported by a caryatid (female figure).
A PAIR of antique carved walnut caryatid figures, classical female busts supporting a circular plinth with beaded and scrolled foot, would sell at auction for approximately pounds 300/pounds 350.
At the same time, the museum will also begin a programme for the conservation and restoration of the Caryatid sculptures - structural columns holding up the temple's porch that were carved to look like young women - from the Erechtheum.
This strategy was successful, permitting him to move into making his imposing caryatid figures.
Caryatid popes leaning from the colonnades like staked tomato plants.
On the left, the smiling maidens of the caryatid porch whose marble robes fluttered in blue sky; on the right, the massive surge of Parthenon columns capped by a parade of centaurs, horsemen, gods, reliving dramas of who we are, who we might become as pediments marked our battles with beasts, our talks with gods, our search for ourselves in philosopher groves of this city on the hill that draws us by surviving Persian navies, Roman consuls, pasha's yoke, Panzer Gruppe --holding up like a Phidean model a sense of the examined life that is worth living, a place where gods and men can struggle with success, striving to widen the wealth of the human soul, the size of heaven.
Narcissa Benbow Sartoris, the widow of Miss Jenny's great-great nephew, is first seen from Elnora's perspective as "the big young woman in white" (728) and then, similarly, from Jenny's as "a large woman in her thirties, within the twilight something about her of that heroic quality of statuary" who crosses the room with "her white dress flowing slowly, heroic, like a caryatid from a temple facade come to life" (738).