carve out

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establish or create through painstaking effort

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remove from a larger whole

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The asymmetric information hypothesis states that firms carve out subsidiaries that are overvalued by the market (Nanda, 1991).
Should the group carve out plan require additional executive costs (i.
The decision on how much to carve out will depend on accounting and tax advantages.
HSI/Wellpoint, California Healthcare Network, Allina); price and premium reductions; and the scramble to create specialty carve out networks (Salick Healthcare, Caremark, National Cardiac Network).
Specifically, the Special Committee concluded, after consultation with management, that there was substantial uncertainty that NHHC would have $20 million in cash on hand (less certain carve-outs in Premier's proposal) in light of the increased professional fees resulting from litigation and the consideration of multiple bids from Premier and Angelo Gordon, and because Premier's proposal did not expressly carve out from the $20 million cash requirement NHHC's obligation to pay $1.