cartridge paper

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thick white paper for pencil and ink drawings

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paper for making cartridge cases

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At one point some cartridge paper debris stuck in the bolt face recess and the bolt would not close.
Glue one edge, roll the cartridge paper around the former with the roundball at the top, fold and glue the top.
His work is often in white cartridge paper, to place the accent on the form.
BEGIN DESIGNING The students work on long (6" x 24") strips of cartridge paper.
The tribunal also found that the appearance of the journal, on clean acetate sheets rather than, as she had said, cartridge paper which was subsequently cut up and altered, cast doubt on her version of the story.
She also uses Parker ink having found that, by dilution and using ordinary cartridge paper instead of specially prepared watercolour paper, she can get the colours and effects she wants.
Other miscellaneous papers described include cartridge paper, used almost exclusively for drawing by the nineteenth century although so called because originally rolled tubes of it containing gunpowder or lead shot were used in guns.