cartridge holder

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a metal frame or container holding cartridges

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Proof of tightness, to guarantee sterility in the inner room of the cartridge holder, had to be demonstrated and there is no procedure at all to execute such a test.
The welding actually happens trough the transparent cartridge holder, introducing heat at the 'black part' (transfer unit).
The laser welding process, under controlled conditions, follows to seal the transfer unit with the cartridge holder.
If the pen has a clear insulin cartridge holder, they do not need to do anything.
If the cartridge holder is blue, they should contact Eli Lilly's customer response centre on 0800 085 3847 to obtain a replacement clear insulin cartridge holder.
DIABETICS using the HumaPen Ergo insulin injection pen should check the colour of their cartridge holder.
Faults have been discovered in the old blue insulin cartridge holders, which means they fail to deliver the correct dose.
Bright pink and adorned with Cinderella and co, it'll have girls up and down the country adding to Santa's shopping list, with a secret stylus key and cartridge holders also available in the Secret Pack bundle.
Accordign to NSG's bid document: " The ghillie suit will be made up of vegetation tie strings, arm/ chest/ knee pads and wrist ballistic and cartridge holders.
Porosity: Its Genesis and, Character; The Polymeric Matrix and Its Influence; Membrane Fouling, Cleaning, and Sanitation; Flow and Pressure, Flow Decay and Filter Sizing; Mechaisms of Particle Removal from Lipids; Mechanisms of Particle Removal from Air and Other Gases; Filter Integrity Testing; Cartridges, Cartridge Holders and Their Care; Validation of Filtrative Sterilization
said Friday it will recall and replace cartridge holders of insulin syringes sold to diabetics because the holders may deliver inadequate doses if handled roughly.
The newer models are modular in design (the drives, data cartridge holders and power supply can be easily moved in and out of the body of the library), allowing for easy serviceability.