cartridge holder

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a metal frame or container holding cartridges

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Novo Nordisk has detected the insulin cartridge holder used in a number of NovoPen Echo and NovoPen 5 batches can be structurally compromised if exposed to certain chemicals, for example household cleaning agents.
Dubai: The Ministry of Health and Prevention issued a circular based on a warning by the US Food and Drug Administration concerning insulin cartridge holders used in certain NovoPen Echo insulin delivery devices.
Faults have been discovered in the old blue insulin cartridge holders, which means they fail to deliver the correct dose.
If the pen has a clear insulin cartridge holder, they do not need to do anything.
tape cartridge holder with slots said to show none of the visual flaws sometimes associated with differential flow rates in an alloy; and a computer keyboard frame, which he said showed none of the warping often associated with PP.
Tenders are invited for supply of columns guard column cartridges and cartridge holder of bio-rad make
Tenders are invited for Ote Pyro Cartridge Holder Assy.
Tenders are invited for Ote:-Pyro Cartridge Holder Assy.
Tenders are invited for Lte:-Pyro Cartridge Holder Assy.
Purchase of (initial) 42000 Holster, 42,000 and 42,000 Basic concealed Holster Bags cartridge holder.
Bright pink and adorned with Cinderella and co, it'll have girls up and down the country adding to Santa's shopping list, with a secret stylus key and cartridge holders also available in the Secret Pack bundle.
Accordign to NSG's bid document: " The ghillie suit will be made up of vegetation tie strings, arm/ chest/ knee pads and wrist ballistic and cartridge holders.
The product also has enhanced color branding, with color-identifiable cartridge holders for both the Levemir and NovoLog pens.