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a broad belt with loops or pockets for holding ammunition

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The Browning 1919A4 features brackets or protrusions around the lower portion of the openings for the cartridge belt.
I just cut out a piece 4 1/4 inches long and cut a notch in it the size of the cartridge belt opening.
Mexican loop holsters and wide cartridge belts were no problem on horseback, but were a definite problem seated in an automobile.
I've also come to realize that they seem to be in cahoots with the leather manufacturers as all of my older cartridge belts have shrunk.
When it comes to cartridge belts, I prefer the folded over money-belt style made of soft leather that conforms to your body shape.
Other Old West items include a variety of cartridge belts, rifle scabbards, pommel bags, saddle pockets, spur straps and wrist cuffs.
Accessories included special carrying cases and cartridge belts.
Shiloh also offers a complete line of hunting and competition sights, custom cases, paper patching kits for assembling paper patched bullets, cross sticks, even bullet molds and cartridge belts.
She often carried two pistols holstered in cartridge belts, one being a Colt Model 1877 "Lightning" double-action revolver.
Tenders are invited for Device For Loading And Unloading Of Cartridge Belts Assembly Drawing
Be sure to empty all pockets or cartridge belts of lead shot loads and carry only non-toxic shot for all waterfowl endeavors.
There are cartridge belts and pouches, saddlebags, rifle slings and scabbards and much more around the place here.
His authentic canvas and leather cartridge belts are what people buy if they want the best.