cartridge belt

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a broad belt with loops or pockets for holding ammunition

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A: That's an old phenomenon called verdigris, which was common and well known with cartridge belts back before nickel-plated brass came into wide use.
An Indian teethed shooting arrow would hardly have the chance to become skilled with a Colt if he came by it, and a half-empty cartridge belt, in battle.
His knowledge of World War II equipment is amazing and so is his determination to search out rare items such as a Japanese soldier's 3-pouch leather cartridge belt and then have it reproduced in detail.
Every time I come across them in our kitchen they take me back to those rose-tinted days carrying my dad's cartridge belt over my shoulder, feeling the cool damp earth of woodland and fell underfoot, bracken and fern brushing past the tops of my Wellington boots.
This artist has a delicate, simple style and depicted a lone warrior with a war bonnet, holding a repeating rifle, wearing a cartridge belt with holster and riding a wounded pony.
Because details of his cartridge belt, helmet, wrapped legs, shoes and weapon are distinct for the WWI era, an offer of a World War II bayonet was rejected and a WWI bayonet will be used to retain the historical integrity of the monument.
25-06 rounds and a cartridge belt with enough 20-gauge shells to get me through half a season.
Dressed in a flat cap and shooting jacket with a cartridge belt,William blew a whistle to control his labrador gun dogs.
Wearing a green shooting jacket and flat cap to keep out the cold, he also had a cartridge belt around his waist.
The data cartridge belt design and drive technology developed thirty years ago by Imation (as part of 3M) played a strong role in the development of Travan technology.
The shell had penetrated the fuselage, pierced his parachute, setting it on fire, and then careened off his cartridge belt and was deflected out through the side of the aircraft.
Triple K Brand has two new offerings for the cowboy action shooter, the California Slim Jim Holster and Money Cartridge Belt.
It also is a matter of record that five of the wolves which ate the cartridge belt later blew up.
One of the items of equipment that has always fascinated me is the commonly used cartridge belt known as the Fair Weather Christian Belt or a prairie belt.
John Wayne started in B Westerns and it was not until he started making higher-quality Westerns such as Tall In The Saddle and Angel And The Badman did he switch from the typical Hollywood Buscadero rig to a more practical outfit consisting of a holster slid over a cartridge belt.